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Everybody’s on their way to TCAF, it’s quiet, and it’s Friday afternoon. Briefly, then:

  • John Allison and about a zillion other British [web]comics artists are collaborating on an anthology that looks pretty damn good. Instead of focusing on a broad theme, each of the creators will tell the story of one day in the life of Nelson “Nel” Baker, with the days contributing to the overall story of one woman’s life. Look for Nelson in November (in the UK, at least), with all profits from the first edition going to the housing charity Shelter.
  • After a period of hiatus, Registered Weapon is shortly to return with President’s Day, the first of two new stories. To my mind, Registered Weapon goes hand-in-hand with Dr McNinja or Axe Cop in the combination of traditional comic book styles & conventions with just enough crazy to make it really absurdly fun. Seeing as how the good doctor has his new book debuting this weekend, and hour the good officer just finished up his three-issue Dark Horse series, it makes sense that the good, uh, cash register would be back for more adventure.
  • Celebrating eight years today: Station V3. That’s a lot of damn comics (as of this writing, 2902), and with the exception of the second and third months (June/July of 2003), pretty much seven updates per week without fail. Well done, V3 creator Tom Truszkowski.
  • In case you were wondering why that Wondermark strip from today is up there, it’s because it pretty much sums up how I live my life, especially items 1, 2, 4, 9, and 10, and double-especially item 6. Let’s quote it here and bask in its glory:

    PROBLEMS ARE DESIGNED TO BE SOLVED. Spring into action. Make it happen. Hannibal was right: I love it when a plan comes together.

    David Malki ! comes as close as any has ever come to the soul of an engineer with that one thought.

No footnote today? That’s unpossible!

[…] A New Collaborative Project by UK Webcomicers (Original Source: Blank Slate Comics via Fleen) […]

[…] A New Collaborative Project by UK Webcomicers (Original Source: Blank Slate Comics via Fleen) […]

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