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Old And New

Where to start, where to start?

  • Today, PvP is a man¹. I find it oddly compelling that on the 13th anniversary of the launch of the most internetty of strips (not just about videogames, but about a videogame magazine, originally published on a videogame website), Scott Kurtz is getting in touch with historical comics styles that haven’t been in vogue for at least 20 years, and are only now seeing serious study. Here’s to another 13.
  • Just in time for TCAF, Bernie Hou drops a new Alien Loves Predator poster design on us, albeit one without Abe the Alien or Preston the Predator. It’s been a long time since Hou updated, but marrying his love of movies (cf: the one-time guess-the-movie site, The Burgg, presently down due to hackage) with his love of New York. Welcome back, Bernie.
  • Some brand new things that I am happy to recommend to you — one of which I get on a visceral level, and one of which is a mystery. The mystery would be this paean to coffee, as I’ve never understood the appeal of the Magic Black Water, but it certainly seems to fuel enough creativity so what the hell. The new is a Kickstarter to fund the creation of a … I’m going to go with hand-crafted … print version of the short, complete, and somewhat disturbing Think of the Children, which would be the story of William Gaines, the 1954 Wertham-fueled moral panic that destroyed horror comics, and the creation of both the Comics Code Authority (now seemingly defunct) and MAD magazine. Oh, yes, and Lovecraftian horrors from beyond imagining. Them, too.

¹ I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry … I mean, it seems like the bris was just yesterday!

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