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TCAF, You Just Keep Getting Better

Yesterday saw the announcement of not one, but two webcomics book collections that will debut at TCAF; the creators will be there, smiling for two days while undoubtedly selling out of their stash of readables, so I’d advise against waiting until end of day Sunday to make your purchases.

  • First up: Chester 5000 XYV, the super-sexy, nearly wordless Victorian smutparty (and I mean that in the bestest way possible) from Jess Fink. A year and a half ago, it was announced that Top Shelf were picking up Chaz and friends, then a looong time went by before the release date got locked down. What wasn’t known before: it’s a hardcover! A shiny, shiny hardcover. Obligatory disclaimer: Chester contains numerous, clear, totally hot depictions of wang and lady-bits, frequently meeting each other to great, sweaty effect. It’s getting warm in here.
  • Also coming out yesterday: the new Dr McNinja collection (originally slated for June release, then 18 May) is now set to drop in Toronto, and go on general sale on 11 May. Christopher Hastings is having a few site problems right now, so I can’t show you a picture from the bonus story (by Benito Cereno and Les McClaine) that Hastings has been waiting to show the world for an entire year. Let’s just say it features the entire McNinja clan driving heavily armed snowmobiles, with the exception of Doc’s sidekick, Gordito. Gordito, as always is riding his faithful ‘raptor, Yoshi — and Yoshi is driving a heavily armed snowmobile. The next twelve days cannot pass quickly enough.

Fleen congratulates Hastings and Fink¹, and encourages all attendees of TCAF to buy so many of their books. Buy them so that Fink and Hastings have to worry if they need to explain to US Customs why they’re carrying so much cash money into the country.

¹ It is a rare treat to be able to write about Fink and not have to mention whichever lowlife is stealing one of her designs this week. The countdown to the Todd Goldman “accidental” release a Chesteresque design starts now.

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