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It’s Video Fun Day, Apparently

Also: severe weather outlook day in the greater New York City demographical region. Yeesh.

  • Okay, I don’t draw at all, and even I found the promo video for TCAF to be cool beyond all measure. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a beautiful discussion of drawing tools from a double handful of Canadian cartoonists, with a simultaneously jaunty and haunting score behind it. Everybody involved with this (and other aspects of arranging/presenting TCAF): you are wonderful. Everybody going to TCAF next weekend: I hate you, because I have to go to the dentist instead. That “everybody going” bit, by the bye, includes a significant slice of webcomicsdom, making my hatred not a real thing. You should totally go, and I’ll wish you well as my jaw cramps up.
  • Speaking of video, (Dr) Jorge Cham hit us up with another of his occasional forays into academic filmmaking, but instead of a trip report (as with his New Mexico State University videos), today’s features audio from a pair of theoretical physicists talking about dark matter, their impromptu lecture given translation and interpretation by Cham’s drawings being interactively animated on-screen¹.

    It’s remarkably informative; I had a pretty good grounding in physics from my nerd school days and still had trouble wrapping my head around the (admittedly new, evolving, and still somewhat self-contradictory) ideas of dark matter, but I have a much clearer understanding now. I’ll go so far as to say that this is the greatest bit of webcomics physics education since (Dr) David Morgan-Mar derived Maxwell’s equations in a non-scary fashion; that bit had formulas and symbols and so might appeal to a bit more than today’s more intuitive piece, but they’re both wonderful. Hats off to Cham, guest lecturers Daniel Whiteson and Jonathan Feng, and to Morgan-Mar on general principles.

¹ If you found any of the animated info went by too quickly to read or absorb, Cham has thoughtfully provided all twelve of the pages from the short here.

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