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Let’s Talk Books, Shall We?

There are some webcomics books that I should like to commend to your attention. I also have a couple of non-webcomics books (at least, not directly webcomics books, but by creators with webcomics in their histories) that I will be commending to your attention at some length in the coming days. Oh yes, I shall.

  • If you are like me, then you enjoy little in this life as much as the work of John Allison. Bad Machinëry (I do like the look of the children’s adventure story books denoting the chapters) is a delight, and the earlier Scary Go Round was an integral part of my daily entertainments. It’s over, it’s done, but even Allison can’t resist revisiting logical story hooks, thus last year he took a peek back in time as “Dark” Esther de Groot went to university and encountered an entrenched power structure that can only be dealt with by punchings. It is mathematically equivalent to awesome, and it is now available in non-electric form for a piddling £4 plus shipping. Actually, I’m not sure that four bob is piddling, what with the US dollar tanking and all. Ah, hell, in for a pound, in for more pounds, because you can personalize for another eight quid.
  • As long as you’re breaking out the plastic, may I recommend you save some for the forthcoming new edition of Rice Boy? It’s been sold out for some little time now, but Evan Dahm’s Kickstarter to fund the new printing has achieved approximately 250% of goal (with three days left to go); per Dahm’s twitterfeed, the excess funds raised means that the new printing will number 3000 books, instead of the 1000 in the first printing. For those that enjoy the finer things (or those that already own Rice Boy and are obsessive completists), there will be a first-ever hardcover edition, in a limited run of 200 books.
  • Know what else today needs? An anthology. The Couscous Collective put out the FOREST themed volume (their first) at APE), and they’re following it up with the SPACE themed volume, which launched last weekend at Stumptown. For those of you that might fondly recall Narbonic, Shaenon Garrity (Radness Queen of the East Bay) has included the first original Narbonic in five years. For those that like to plan ahead, the next Couscous collection will be on the theme of OCEAN, and will continue the twice-a-year, APE-and-SPX schedule.
  • Not book, but worth mentioning: anybody that had doubted that Robert Khoo had managed to whip Penny Arcade into a real business, consider the most recently-announced Child’s Play fundraiser: a golf tournament. There will be beverages and snacks and powered carts, but please remember to adhere to the expected behavioral norms of the golf course. Nobody wants to be that guy that embarrasses everybody else.
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