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Biffdays, Legoversaries, Milestones

Lots of webcomics crossing significant boundaries this week.

  • For starters, The Book of Biff (which just about exactly one year ago crossed the 1000 strip mark) is spending this week celebrating its fifth birthday, with plenty of guest strips to celebrate. Doug Savage, Zach Weiner, and the Gene/Bill tag-team strips have all been great successes, as their respective art styles are pretty compatible with Biff creator Chris Hallbeck’s.

    Today, though, Lar de Souza & Ryan Sohmer take center stage with a horrifying vision of what Biff + verisimilitude looks like. Plus I just read the new Guinea PI book the other day, so that look of hamster panic is just … wrong. At this rate, we’ll see Alex Ross or Greg Horn contributing tomorrow’s strip, so clear out those Uncanny Valley storage tanks, ’cause there’s a heapin’ helpin’ of nightmare fuel a-comin’.

  • Today also marks the 3000th update of the increasingly inaccurately-named Irregular Webcomic; check me on this, David Morgan-Mar’s missed about what? Two updates in the past eight-plus years? Something like that. As noted 1000 days ago, Dr Morgan Mar was in a fairly exclusive siblinghood of about two dozen creators, and is now in a fraternity of perhaps eight or nine.

    So how long is 1000 more strips? Long enough that since #2000 arrived (where I spoke in terms of lunar exploration), Morgan-Mar could have begun a trip to Mars, puttered around on the surface for three months, come back, and still have been home for a year. Give him a hand and realize one thing: given the time zone differences, Morgan-Mar is by now flying to Ecuador on holiday, which means he has already queued up the next 20 or 30 comics to be delivered while he’s enjoying himself someplace awesome.

  • Since we’re dealing with Big Round Numbers, we’ll note that barring a grave accident that destroys the plant, Schlock Mercenary will hit 4000 strips in about six weeks (which means that Howard Tayler is probably finishing the inks on the update in question sometime this afternoon), above which threshold there’s thin air and far, far above the twinkling lights reflected from MS Paint Adventures. Heck, give him two weeks and a case of energy drinks, and Andrew Hussie could have more Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff updates than most other webcomics will ever achieve. I am absolutely certain that he will eclipse Tezuka’s lifetime achievement of 150,000 pages of comics; dude’s a machine.

Anyway, congratulations to Hallbeck and Morgan-Mar, and to Tayler and Hussie in advance.

  • Those of you on the Left Coast, bottom corner, there’s a gallery show coming up that you should be checking out. In what is doubtless only the first of the multiple projects that were hinted at by Frank Gibson over the weekend, Becky Dreistadt will be teaming up with Lorelay Bové for two-person show at Gallery Nucleus in LA. Can’t wait to see the show catalog; the sheer amount of whimsy on the display will be out of all reasonable expectations.
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