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This Place Is Gettin’ Hip Deep In Babies

Press embargo over! Jon Rosenberg and his lovely wife Amy had twin boys yesterday. ‘Twas a tough pregnancy (you can glean details from Rosenberg’s twitterfeed of the last few months) that featured a whole lotta medical care. New babies, big sister Norah, and a pair of sleep-deprived parents all reportedly doing well.

Surprisingly, the American medical insurance industry has yet to finalize the specifications for the Webcomics Creator’s Gold Plated Insurance Plan¹, so if you’d like to help Alec “Guinness” and Benjamin “Kenobi” Rosenberg (aka Team Babies) avoid a lifetime of debt indenture, maybe a purchase from Rosenberg’s Dry Goods Emporium might be in order?

  • Missed it yesterday: the ladies of Pizza Island got a two-page spread in New York magazine (referenced here), and it’s now available for your online enjoyment. As a reminder, they’ll be at the MoCCA Fest this weekend, with a passel of other webcomics types. I hope all the good stuff lasts until Sunday, when I can make it to the show. If nothing else, I think I need to get my copy of Machine of Death autographed by as many contributors as I can.
  • Time to drop some science. Received earlier today:

    My name is Mia [Wiesner] and I am a graduate student at the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig. As part of my dissertation on digital comic books in the US, I am conducting an online survey until May. Would it be possible to post the link [to the survey] on Fleen?

    Done and done. Ms Wiesner’s survey is on the expectations and opinions held by readers about digital comics (granted, “digital comics” is a term which is a bit nebulous, and every respondent is likely to have a slightly different interpretation, but I don’t think it will skew the results appreciably). Ms Wiesner’s offered to share the results of her survey with us, which will only be worth the electrons it takes to email if there’s enough data to achieve statistical significance.

    Translation: take five minutes out of your day and fill out the survey; the more responses, the more we can trust the dataset. For my part, I was pleased to have a place to offer up the fact that I’m annoyed by excessive “media” involvement in comics (motion, sound, interaction, etc), almost as much as I am by DRM issues. I imagine you have your own pet peeves about the format, so go forth and provide data.

  • Received a while back, kept getting bumped: in what appears to be one giant leap for webcomickind, a copy of Krishna Sadasivam’s PC Weenies collection, Rebootus Maximus, has been carried to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. Said peak being, of course, the highest elevation above sea level in Africa, leaving Sadasivam only six more mountains (including some really hazardous climber-killers) to become the first webcomicker to not merely have books carried to all seven continents (I think maybe Ryan North probably won that one), but carried to the peaks. Anybody going up one of the other six summits? I think I know a guy that might send you a book.

¹ Premium: $50/month, covers absolutely everything, no benefit limits or co-pays, and patients receive soothing foot massages from disgraced former Blue Cross executives.

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