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Grumble, Grumble, Dang Fridge

Could it have failed last week when I was working from home? Surely not. And had I that ability to work from home this week, would it have failed? Surely not. Figure I don’t mind replacing all the perishable food I just bought yesterday. And can I stretch this The Dark Knight Returns callback any further? Surely not.

But you know who loves DKR, and (I have it on good authority, on account of I gave it to him) owns a shirt that reads MY NAME IS KARL? Karl Kerschl. And speaking of Karl Kerschl, his home is a little more full, as he welcomed his son into the world on Saturday. No report of a name on Baby Boy Cooper-Kerschl just yet, but we at Fleen wish proud papa Kerschl, proud mama Amy Cooper, and the surprisingly hairy-armed tyke all the best. I’m guessing that the stuffie Charles Christopher is getting drooled on in the best possible way about now.

  • Around these parts, it’s pretty rare that I mention a brand new webcomic, unless the creator is a known quantity like Doug TenNapel or Shaenon Garrity (Radness Queen of the East Bay). But when your twitterfeed shows Evan Dahm, KC Green, and Aaron Diaz all telling you to check out a brand-new webcomic, you check that mutha out. Thus, may I draw your attention to Cucumber Quest, which has but three pages in its archive, but damn are they pretty pages. There’s artistic echoes of Scott Pilgrim, and 101 Dalmatians-era Disney, with maybe a veneer of Miyazaki? Color me intrigued enough to mention it early, and to go back to see how it develops.
  • I also got some email over the weekend about discontent in the Drunk Duck forums, with anger building on the part of creators towards current Drunk Duck overlords Wowio (who never get linked by me to any of their endeavors, so you’re on your own). My correspondent went to the trouble to use a pseudonym, claiming fear of retaliation with respect to complaints on a recent server/backup failure that led to three months worth of content being lost. I’ve begun to scan the DD forums, trying to piece together a complete picture of the situation, but you know what? It is entirely too nice a day to break Tyrrell’s First Law of the Internet¹.

    If you’re curious as to the feel of the community, I invite you to take a look at the Drunk Duck forums and form your own conclusions — if you don’t feel like doing so, my (preliminary) take on it is that other hosting solutions may be looking at an influx of new clients soon, and to remind everybody that when it comes to hosting, no provider will care about your content more than you pay them to do so.

¹ Never read the comments; it is generally applicable everywhere except for The AV Club, and Comics Alliance posts by Chris Sims, where even the flame wars are entertaining.

I got a lot of emails last week about this, primarily because I encouraged a lot of creators starting out to use DrunkDuck back when I was cheerleader. For the people having problems I rewrote my “How To Host Your Own Webcomic” article and posted it here:

[…] Grumbling Discontent on the Drunk Duck Forums (Source: Fleen) […]

[…] Grumbling Discontent on the Drunk Duck Forums (Source: Fleen) […]

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