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Warning: Slow Load Times Ahead

Well, since Zach Weiner first tweeted the URL yesterday, I’ve been digging my way through the archvies of Les and May , which has a somewhat pokey design and takes a while to show the next strip. Les and May is the creation of Larry Lewis, has been updating Monday through Friday for most of the last year without fail, and is Lewis’s second major comic strip project. The first was called Campus Clatter and ran for about seven years, wrapping up in 1976 in the face of competition from Doonesbury.

Did I mention that Larry Lewis is 82 years old? That he started drawing cartoons twenty years before I was born? That after doing advertising, commercial art and editorial cartoons in various forms from the ’50s until 2002, he retired but never lost the itch?

I have two suggestions for future comical-type conventions:

  1. Put Larry Lewis and Malachai Nicolle on a panel together.
  2. Make him the Guest of Honor at the next iteration of Classoline Alley.

Lewis is a living conduit to how comics were, and he’s working on the internet for the same reason that so many other webcomickers started (and so many still do): because he loves drawing, and wants to share his work with an audience. I’ve got nothing to add other than Bravo.

  • In other news, the extraordinarily popular Lookouts side project at Penny Arcade has grown into its next incarnation. Namely, board game/RPG hybrid. Cryptozoic Entertainment have done the design work, and with a release date of “early next year”, I’d be surprised if there were not a playable version at PAX Prime this summer. This one looks gorgeous.

Wow, that makes me feel better—at 57, I know I’m one of the oldest webcomickers, but he makes me feel like a kid!

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