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Okay, That Was Weird

My laptop’s VPN (via physical network cable) sudden died and my cell phone spontaneously rebooted at the same time. I’d call it a coincidence, except the same thing happened a few months ago with a different computer. And, um, a different phone. Still spooky. Also, my throat is killing me and I’ve got that general blah sense that makes me think I got all the way through winter without a flulike disease, only to be laid low now that spring is here. Let’s do this.

  • Webcomicky signing for those of you in Portland: Mike Russell and David Walker will be hitting Bridge City Comics on Wednesday, 13 April. Also, Portland, you have too many nicknames. You can pick one of “Bridge City”, “Stumptown”, or “PDX”, and let some poor, undernicknamed midwestern burg have the excess.
  • Speaking of events, the first book collection of SMBC, Save Yourself, Mammal!, hits Brooklyn on Sunday, the 8th of May. It’s a ticketed affair, and in keeping with the cheerful principles of capitalism (much the the cheerfulness with which he does everything), SMBC supremo Zach Weiner is offering you the chance to buy yourself advantages (better seats, priority position in line, physical contact with Weiner himself) at the launch.

    But in keeping with the cheerful principles of philanthropy (ibid.), all proceeds go to a pair of classroom charities via Donors Choose. In fact, Weiner’s flirting with filthy (albeit cheerful — passim) socialism, in that all proceeds from the sales of SY,M will be going to Donors Choose. Isn’t that worth your $10 to $40 (USD) (plus convenience fee)? (Yes.)

  • One day, two webcomics, two hideous monstrosities from the deep. Such a coincidence hasn’t been seen since the crocodilian-themed coincidence on the day Steve Irwin died. Add that to the electronic coincidence up above, and I’m almost to the point of buying a lottery ticket. Almost.
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