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It Is A Really Nice Day

I’ll go further — it is the first really nice day since the near-fimbulvetr arrived with a vengeance back in December. The seasons have continued their turning, the warmth has returned, and things are growing. Let’s make this quick so I can get out there and enjoy it.

Readers may recall the package o’ minicomics that Eros, Inc. [safe for work, really!] creator Michael Jonathan sent me back in October. Some pretty good stuff in there, including one, Quail: The Song of the Blackbird EP, that I thought was perhaps a bit under-realized:

The broader framing story of [Eros, Inc.] served [two related minis] well, and Quail: The Song of the Blackbird EP seems slightly lost without that framework. That being said, nice job by Jonathan on making music an integral part of the story. I’m not certain that the tunes that popped into my head fit any of the songs that the characters sang on the pages, but the fact that they spontaneously generated in my frontal lobes says he’s doing something right.

That framework exists now, and in a form that may put your expectations and Jonathan’s on a mild collision course, maybe:

My indie-folk, kung-fu musical comic “Quail: The Song of Blackbird EP” is now available to read online in its entirety! You can find it here.

I’m meeting with a friend of mine who is going to write the music this month, so a CD should be ready in time for TCAF. [emphasis added]

So now we see if the songs in your head and the songs in the comic match up at all.

  • Speaking of shows (TCAF is a show!), word came late yesterday afternoon that MoCCA Fest tables are sold out. Is it just me, or do these smaller shows (cf: Stumptown, SPX) fill up quicker every year? Everybody’s pretty much used to the megashows being locked up years in advance, but it used to be that you didn’t have legions of previous exhibitors talking about getting shut out from tabling.

    Either the small shows need to get larger, or … not sure what, actually. There’s more people than ever making really high-quality comics, and that’s good. Looks like the even newer/smaller shows (cf: MIX) are succumbing to the limits of time/space/reasonable organizational effort. Suggestions for solutions cheerfully accepted.

  • Following up on the previous mention of charitable efforts to help Japan, the ToonSeum is hosting a series of film screenings, with proceeds going to the Artists Help Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Emergency Fund (founded by Dice Tsutsumi, an art director at Pixar).

    Next Saturday, 26 March, those of you in the Pittsburgh area can see Hayao Miyazaki’s Kiki’s Delivery Service at 2:00pm, Makoto Shinkai’s 5 Centimeters Per Second at 4:00pm, and Satoshi Kon’s Millennium Actress at 6:00pm. Museum admission is a lousy four bucks, so how about you donate what it would cost you to see three movies in a theater?

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