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Sic Transit Vombatus Mundi

So there it is. 759 pages over eight or so years, and now there’s a great big hole in my Tuesday/Thursday reading because Ursula Vernon is a big meanie who insists that “stories have endings” and “dragging things on forever is weak-ass”. Whatever.

In the end, Digger was almost singularly good storytelling — at times full of derring-do, adventure, excitement, pathos, and magic (all things that any self-respecting wombat would steer clear of) — wrapped in incredibly expressive art (especially given characters that lacked, variously, eyebrows, human anatomy, visible faces, or bodies capable of motility) suffused with heavy blacks and shadows and silhouettes (indeed, two of the characters were nothing but silhouette). And each of those visually-striking (and distinct) characters had their own unique voice, word choices that bespoke of entire cultures that we only saw the edges of, and wordplay evocative enough to have wormed its way past my ears and into my voice¹. It’s over, it’s got as close as one could hope to a happy ending, and whatever Vernon chooses to do as serialized webcomickry from here out, I’ll be reading.

  • Addendum to yesterday’s story of the semi-annual Jess Fink Design Rip Off: Fink’s reaction. Gotta say, she’s a lot calmer than I would be in these circumstances. Then again, I haven’t ever created anything anybody wanted to steal.
  • Also, there are a number of charity efforts going around our community for the benefit of disaster relief in Japan; as you might imagine, I’ve had several people contact me with requests to promote one or the other. Without knowing the organizers of any of these efforts personally, I can’t really make a recommendation that you should pay attention to any one in particular.

    The good news is, these things (art auctions, things that require submissions to be sent) will be unfolding for the next several weeks, and as I have a chance to do more due diligence, I’ll be letting you know which I’m following myself. The need will still be there weeks and months from now, so sit tight and we’ll see what’s good together.

¹ It is an absolutely true thing that I have caught myself saying, Oh, blood and shale and Don’t ask, don’t ask, no possible good will come of asking as spontaneous expressions of, respectively, exasperation and disbelief. But for the record, I have never escalated to Remember Tunnel 17!

Not True!

People have wanted to steal your moustache!

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