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We’ll just let Chris Hastings get straight to the important bit:

“Oh let me tell you, it’s a totally legit magical hammer, for sure,” says Hastings. “Just like those other ones you’ve seen [in the teasers] with scary Juggernaut and the other scary guys. Yep. Totally real magic scary hammer.”

Okay, I don’t know squat about what’s happening in the Marvel Universe presently, I don’t know anything about Fear Itself (the line-bending crossover that will change everything, and nothing will ever be the same!), but I do know three things:

  1. Writing a Deadpool miniseries for Marvel is kind of a big deal for Hastings
  2. I’m going to have to pick those issues up, come June
  3. That quote above is likely verbatim; it completely captures the speech rhythms that Hastings uses on a daily basis. He really is that dryly funny all on his own.

Also of note is how Hastings got this writing gig, courtesy of Marvel editor Jordan D White:

I, myself, am a fan of Chris’s work on Dr. McNinja, which is why I reached out to him very soon after taking the reins of [this series], and I have not been disappointed. He came up with a great spin on the Fear Itself situation for Deadpool to hit up, with tons of crazy twists and Deadpooly goodness.

This is why Chris Hastings is now a Marvel Comics writer. Because he is a PROFESSIONAL, and he BEHAVES LIKE ONE.

Thanks, Gary! And for the record, from what I’ve read of the Fear Itself scripts from Matt Fraction, this particular series is actually quite a bit more enjoyable than the usual SUMMER EVENTS.

No, YOU behave, Tyrell!

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