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Tempus Fugit¹

Old age catches up with the best of us, and creativity pales as we become more jaded to life’s wonders. Things that were once shiny and new become HELL meh! and we wonder if we’ll ever feel wonder again.

Guys. Malachai Nicolle turned 7 years old yesterday.

Here’s hoping that despite being in the webcomics game now for nearly 20% of his life that he hasn’t reached that point of being jaded yet. Although all bets are off once he reconsiders the girls are dumb viewpoint.

  • In other news, a couple of things are pressing my That’s SO Wrong button, but none of them exceeds today’s A Girl and Her Fed. If you haven’t seen it yet, I have four words for you: Morgan Freeman narrates porn².
  • Not pressing the button yet (but surely it’s coming, just as the seasons follow each other): You Damn Kid [no permalink yet], which returns today with what I think of as a character strip. See, sometimes Owen Dunne does strips that come from who the characters are and how their personalities clash (undoubtedly just this side of real life), and sometimes he does strips that don’t require that background.

    We’ll see more of both in the coming weeks, as new strips run on Mondays and old strips run on Thursdays. Although, those with long memories should be warned that there may be some changes:

    You may also notice revisions in some of the old strips – an allowance for the standards of some new advertisers. Your understanding for an old hack trying to make a living is appreciated. And besides, the originals in all their boob and boner glory will be available in book form.

    Also, while writing this, I received a note from Owen Dunne confessing to feeling guilty seeing YDK listed on the links over there to the right when he’s on hiatus. I will use this guilt to get more comics from you, Mr Dunne … you can never stop now.

  • I received an email from one J Simmons yesterday (presumably not J K Simmons, the famed portrayer of white supremacist psychopaths, non-white supremacist — yet Hitler moustache sporting — newspaper editors, and candy), which read a little something like this:

    I have a web comic, and thought you’d be interested in sharing an article I wrote comparing the different types of comic art boards that can be bought in a typical art store.

    Not being a regular consumer of comics-making supplies myself, I was pretty surprised that Simmons found that comics board is pretty widely varying in size. Not just finish and grain, I knew that, but that so many variations of size exist, when the industry seems to want one standard size for submission. Very odd, but always willing to share when a creator has helpful advice for the community.

¹ There’s a branch of my family, surname of Fugit, but I don’t think it comes from the latin.
² Why, Otter, why? Why must I find you so funny? I am trying to be a grown-up here.

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