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Gots To Pick Up The New Computer

Let’s start off with a few Updates on Emerald City Comicon (kicking off … nowish) attendees, shall we?

  • Evan Dahm will be bunking with Magnolia Porter in Artist Alley, table L-06.
  • Scott C (and goodness, have you seen his new site?) will also be there today, AA table D-05, although the ECCC guide doesn’t list that table being assigned to anybody. If in doubt, obtain the services of any passing Sherpa.

In non-convention related news:

  • Everybody be happy! Jess Fink‘s Chester 5000 XYV has a release date. Waaaay back around [American] Thanksgiving 2009, both Chester (and the time-travel self-makeout guide We Can Fix It) were acquired by Top Shelf and were due “next year”. Then about a year ago, they were due in August 2010, and by May they had been pushed to “next year” (i.e.: 2011). But now there’s an actual hard (heh, heh) date for Chester, at least:

    Top Shelf’s May releases, THE HOMELAND DIRECTIVE, CHESTER 5000, & GINGERBREAD GIRL are now available in Previews.

    I’m afraid I don’t have a better date for you than May, but hey — solicited through Previews means it’s really, truly on the way. Asked about We Can Fix It, Fink tells us she hopes it’s this year, but at the moment we just know it’s in the future. Which is kind of appropriate if you think about it.

    To celebrate, there’s a new, self-contained Chesterverse story, and it’s a bit of a heartbreaker. That’s really Fink’s talent — to take real human emotions and effectively mix them with wonderfully smutty up-sexings. And though I never thought I’d say this, as long as you don’t hit the “previous” link and only read forward from that landing page, this Chester story is Safe For Work.

  • Anybody got a good idea what the weather in Ottawa will be like next week? I never seem to be sent there for work in warm times. Along those same lines, next week’s updates may be late because the posts will have to cross the international border, and you just know that the Customs guys are sticklers.

I tend to use for Ottawa weather.

Basically, looks to be around freezing.

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