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But first, how about that <oscar thing that happened>, huh? Boy that was <adjective>!

It’s just one of those days when similar things occur all at once; this time, it’s the announcement of books, books, books, and more books.

  • Up first, the (why does she have to be so) young and talented Mary Cagle’s Kiwi Blitz, which have arrived just in time for this weekend’s fun-times in Seattle. The Kiwi Blitz store doesn’t have a listing for books (pre-orders having wrapped an’ all), but I’m guessing that whatever doesn’t go to pre-orders or get sold at ECCC will be showing up on that page in the next couple of weeks.
  • Also imminently available (well, “imminently” given the timeframe of various delays by factors outside of the control of the creators), Erfworld Book 1 — which is weird, because the first part of the second book is actually in Rob Balder’s hands as we speak. After promises, and extra payments to entice his printers to actually, you know, ship the damn things already, Balder has now been told:

    I have just now (Feb 28th, 1:30 am) been told by our overseas printer that Book 1 is slated to arrive at my door March 11, 2011. This despite our agreement that 1200 of the books from the print run would be sent by air freight by February 25.

    Balder’s being a really stand-up guy about the deliveries; having previously promised shipping before the end of February, he’s showing his printers what a promise actually looks like by standing by his word:

    Anyone who wants their money refunded and their order canceled, please submit your order number through our Customer Support Form and we’ll take care of that. Otherwise, expect all outstanding orders to ship by the middle of March. This, of course means that the $20 pre-order price will still be honored until I get books in hand on the 11th. i.e. the Pre-Order Price Now Goes to 11

    Given how extensive Erfworld Book 1 actually is — more than 150 color pages at A4 size (actually, the American equivalent of 8.5 x 11 inches) — the $20 pre-order price is actually a steal, and Balder is undoubtedly being cost money by these interminable delays. Here’s hoping that once he actually gets his goods, he’ll be kind enough to share the name of the printer that jerked him around as a warning to others to tread carefully.

  • Speaking of pre-orders, A Girl And Her Fed is coming along nicely with the pre-orders for Volume 1: Rise Up Swearing, with some 64% of necessary orders having been filed. With AGAHF creator Otter eager to see her own copy, she’s willing to make it worth your while to get in on the pre-orders:

    Two weeks in and more than halfway to the goal is amazing; at this rate, I’m hoping to place the order-orders in the last week of March. I’ll make it worth your while … I’m all about tossing in some bonus content for people who preorder. Maybe a nice print?

    Disclaimer — Otter beats me up a bit in the introduction that I wrote for Rise Up Swearing and since I fear her googly-eyed vengeance, I beg you to not make her any more anxious that she might already be. For the love of all that you hold holy, order soon and order often.

  • Finally, in the realm of pre-pre-orders, news dropped this morning about the first book from the Not Invented Here Kreative Krüe, Paul Southworth and Bill Barnes. While not expected to reach the reading public until June (once again, damn those printers that are affordable for being across wide oceans and requiring huge amounts of lead time), orders that get placed in March will be signed by Barnes and Southworth, and there are even hardcover (limited to 100 copies) & sketch editions (limited to 60 copies) available for in exchange for your purchasing dollars. Oh, and you get more than 20% off of the cover price if you order before the end of March, so even if you didn’t want signatures spoiling your pristine merch, you can always cover ’em up with the White-Out you buy with your savings.
  • Finally, allow me to wish a Happy Fake Birthday to my Evil Twin. Howard Tayler claims to have been born on February 29th, a day which we all know doesn’t really exist, which makes me doubt his alleged status as a native of our planet. But what the heck, he’s got cool boots. Also, about the time the rest of us are all dying of old age, Tayler will just be getting into his lower 20s and living it up — well played, Mr Tayler, well played.

Just a heads up for anyone dealing with ANY company in China – I’ve been warned of this, but it’s generally a bad idea to do any business with companies there for a month after Chinese New Years. You’re looking at a minefield of holidays and things just not getting done, but they won’t adjust estimates to reflect this. So if you were expecting an early Feb. delivery, it often turns into an early March delivery of goods.

[…] reference to the difficulties of getting the Erfworld books delivered, Darren Gendron helpfully notes that any business with China around the Lunar New Year is a dicey […]

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