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Confidential To Samantha And Shane: Congratulations!

So it’s a wedding-attending day for me, with much news likely to slide past as I’m getting all fancied-up (Three-piece suit? Check. Red Robot tie? Check. One-off moustache socks? Check.) for the fun times. We all have our crosses to bear.

  • Sharp-eyed readers of Friend of Fleen Lore Sjöberg may have noticed a few things of late: his website of varied delights (Bad Gods) is unfortunately 502ing, and his columns at Wired (Alt Text) have been featuring a variety of webcomics illustrators instead of art by Sjöberg himself.

    The Bad Gods outage appears to be a side-effect of a sad story best told by Bob The Angry Flower scribe Stephen Notley [no permalink, so copy-pasting more here than I usually would]:

    Intent readers of might have noticed that the site was completely down and boned for a few days last week. As I understand it, this was because some bot-spamming jackhole decided to seize the servers [editor’s note: Slumbering Lungfish is another of Sjöberg’s sites] and commandeer them into asking millions of uninterested people if they needed their penises enlarged.

    This led to a full-on cruchplosion of said servers, and when stalwart lungfish host Lore Sjöberg changed the passwords to close off the flood, said jackhole retaliated by going back in and wiping the hard drives. Thanks, you irredeemable fucker! Dante’s whipping up whole new levels of hell for your punishment, you shitsack!

    Anyway, the end result was that lungfish got pwned, along with it, and Lore reasonably concluded he shouldn’t be in the hosting-other-folks-websites biz any more, as he had not the time nor inclination to spend on defending generosity against dinks.

    So! has moved to a different web host,, which I hope works out. I bid the fondest adieu to Lore and lungfish. Lore, author of The Book of Ratings, current writer for Wired, has been the generous patron of for close-on a decade and a half, patronage without which this humble site would’ve crumbled years ago. I urge all who have ever read this site to click the above links, follow Lore’s writings and buy Lore’s output. It’s great and worth it.

    I cannot but help agree with Notley’s advice that you all become immediate patrons of Sjöberg, but may I add an additional piece of advice? If any of you out there in the Hive Mind has any inkling of the miscreant that’s responsible for this turn of events, it would be awesome if you’d beat him/her until he/she can no longer crawl, see, or cry.

    With respect to the guest illustrations at Alt-Text, they actually started prior to this most recent unpleasantness, but it’s never a bad time to point one towards the work of Chris Hallbeck, David McGuire, or Box Brown (found respectively at The Book of Biff/Maximumble, Gastrophobia, and Everything Dies. Revel in the cross-pollination. Revel, damn you!

Lightning Round!

Hiya, Gary et Al! Yes, it’s true, my server was miscreanted into oblivion and is now a nearly-blank slate. I feel bad for the few people who still had sites on my server, but I don’t feel so bad for myself. Nearly everything exists in some form or another on my personal home hard drive, which is much more thoroughly backed-up than my server.

I’m actually pretty excited, because staring at the blankness where my server’s directory structure was gave me an idea, an idea so great that it’s completely stupid. But — and this is the thing — it won’t always be stupid. I expect that ten or fifteen years from now it’ll be very smart indeed, so I’m getting a head start.

Details will presumably be on my interim Tumblr blog, Dogs and Sorcerers.

[…] web presence again. It’s coming up on two years since some [suitably angry adjective] spammers decided to jack Sjöberg’s main domain (the sadly still-offline, taking down much of his related sites. And then his hosting […]

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