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It All Makes Sense Now

That picture doesn’t relate to webcomics in any way, but it nicely illustrates a really interesting idea that Kris Straub had on the nature of time and the many-worlds hypothesis, and I think it looks neat.

  • Via the tweetfeed of Matt Boyd comes news of a new project:

    TRAILS OF TARNATION is a twelve-part serial western following the exploits of Derek and Jeff, two cowboys on the run from the corrupt Sheriff Maynard Lumbar. The series is produced and filmed in Rochester, NY by Nicholas Gurewitch, Derek Walborn, and Jeff Stanin.

    You may recognize the name of Nicholas Gurewitch, creator of The Perry Bible Fellowship; together with Walborn and Stanin, Gurewitch forms Voltron works under the aegis of New Picture Agencies (who are also responsible for earlier projects, like the BBC-commissioned short films that Gurewitch talked about at SDCC ’10).

    You can see Trails of Tarnation episode 1 at its own site (maybe — it was having problems rendering the embedded player in my browser) or at Vimeo, where you can see other NPA productions (check out some of the Elite Fleet or Sometimes This Happens shorts, which are animated by Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey!) (by mentioning Ian, I have now pushed back the return of RPG World by another month; current estimates place resumption in October of 2037).

  • We’re getting on towards con season, and I wanted to put out a piece of advice for anybody that will by travelling — don’t pack your laptop (or your phone, your meds, your camera, your passport, anything you can’t stand to lose) in your checked bags. Recent weeks have seen two different webcomickers report the loss of laptops from their luggage (coincidentally or not, they both flew USAir) — as we all know, you’re not allowed to lock the bags, which makes anything portable and valuable easy pickins for those of bad intent.

    The airlines have basically no obligation towards you in these circumstances (being of a low and suspicious nature, I made it my habit to read all the legal disclaimers on ticket jackets, back when there were ticket jackets) — anything you can’t prove was in the luggage at the time you hand it to them they don’t have to compensate you for. Quick quiz time — guess how much any airline is going to go out of its way to believe that you had something other than completely ordinary-grade clothing and toiletries in your suitcase. Valuables go in the carry-on, and if somebody requires you to check a bag of valuables, insist on taking a photo inventory that they acknowledge in writing before giving it to the baggage handlers.

The image reminds me of Tron. :)

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