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I Am Way Too Tired Today

I blame Carla Speed McNeil¹; having compulsively read and re-read Finder: Voice since I picked it up Thursday afternoon, I’ve been drawn into a re-reading of the previous eight Finder trades. The first half of Sin-Eater volume 1 is a little rough on the artwork, but it settles down rapidly and damn! There’s so many story-hooks that reference later elements and this is just going to demand late-night re-reads until I’ve re-absorbed it all. I’d be really mad if these weren’t such good comics. If you’re not reading Finder (in print, online, wherever), it better be because you’re waiting for the omnibus editions.

  • I have discovered a flaw in the voting mechanism of Jon Rosenberg’s Scenes From A Multiverse: with five fan-favorites in a showdown, how can anybody in good conscience choose between Sciencemaster Adler and Cornelius Snarlington, Business Deer? Well, I guess about a thousand of you did, since Adler beat Snarlington pretty handily in the champions poll, but I have equal regard for both of them. No matter who won, disappointment was sure to follow. Minions, I command you to make Cornelius Snarlington cosplay accoutrements for the coming con season so that I may not miss that be-antlered sociopath overmuch. Also, buy Rosenberg a drink when you see him ’cause damn, he’s doing funny work.
  • From the Twitters came some unanticipated news from Sylvan Migdal:

    Book proof back from the printer!

    That would be the proof copy of the second Curvy collected edition, which somehow slipped past my radars and surprised me with its imminent existence. For those not familiar, Migdal’s earlier works are all utterly charming, possessing of a loose, cartoony style capable of great expressiveness, and frequently making use of artificial restraints (like the limitations of color palette on Ascent, for example) to great effect.

    Curvy is just like those earlier comics, with the added bonus of gettin’ it on in every possible combination. Whoo yeah, reverse mermaid! Uh, that would be a mermaid with the fish-parts up top and the lady-parts down below, duh. Also potentially of interest — I’ve never met Migdal, but I met and had a terrific conversation with his mom once at MoCCA Fest. Anyway, get reading on Volume 1 (it’s only ten bucks), so you’re all caught up for Volume 2 at this year’s iteration of MoCCA.

  • I swear this list wasn’t posted when I wrote about Martz, Mutch and LeCouilliard winning Xeric Grants. But there it is — the November list, for your consideration; Fleen congratulates all the laureates, and reminds everybody else that the next application deadline is 31 March.

¹ I also blame Ms McNeil for the disturbing dream I had last night; for those of you familiar with Finder, I have three words for you:


Those of you not familiar, too bad.

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