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It’s Stupid And Squiggly And I Don’t Want To Have To Use It

It seems a couple of you are taking an offhand, tongue-in-cheek bit o’ snark with more seriousness than it deserved; either that, or somebody’s off their meds. On this page I claimed that, much like the Fox Network had become a hardcore sex channel, Achewood had transformed itself into a subscription-only site, and Howard Tayler was being paid by Jerry Holkins to artistically satisfy the latter’s giraffe-neck fetish. Let me assure that that here at Fleen, our goal is only the truth, but there will be obvious exaggerations from time to time. Don’t make me hafta break out the SarcMark, people.

  • In the far Antipodes, a project that has been mentioned in bits and pieces over the past few weeks is finally complete; I speak, naturally of the grand mural that Becky Dreistadt has been making for the fine folks at Gameplanet in Auckland, NZ. Consisting of 46 individual canvasses, arranged in the form of the classic Space Invader, the mural as a whole recounts the history of videogames and the most iconic characters to spring from the world of pixels. As is to be expected from Dreistadt’s work, there is more concentrated awesome than one may shake a stick at.
  • Jamie Smart, the mad genius behind all of the comics at Fumboo, has launched another one on the grown-ups side of the site. Smart does this all the time, of course, but Corporate Skull is a bit different:

    I haven’t done this kind of thing before, planned a comic so big it contains actual story-arcs and plots. Normally what i do is whimsical and immediate, mainly because my own concentration is so poor I can’t drag a story past a handful of pages. But in the last few years I’ve become a lot more fascinated with actual storytelling, and have been quietly working on a few different projects to construct some tall tales. Corporate Skull is the first to see light.

    See this was intended to be a big comic. 600 pages. And it’s all been worked out – i know what i want to happen, how it all turns out, what appears where (y’know, almost as if i knew what i was doing). I’ve never spent so long working on something BEFORE actually drawing it, in this case it’s been two years of filling up notebooks with the plans.

    That’s a lot of prep, and you can see the first ten pages of Corporate Skull at its own site; it’s off to a really good start, but the site’s a bit slow right now so maybe space yourselves out over the next couple of days?

  • From Michael Kinyon, webcomics überfan, news that Karen “Kez” Howard, masters student at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, is taking part in the Goin’ Bald for Bucks fundraiser this year. Her pledge page can be found here, and it lies within your power to absolutely destroy her fundraising goal. Go. Pledge.

Edit to add: Link to Kez’s pledge page corrected.

Updated link for Kez’s pledge page, you can pledge here: and she’ll paint her head when she’s shaved smooth.

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