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You want achievements in the pursuit of webcomics? You got it, Bunky.

  • Brad Guigar, occasional channeler of Jack Cole, is known primarily for two things: his melodious, soothing laughter (which trips lightly over the listener’s subconscious and is never, ever grating — especially not here, starting at 7:50 and continuing to 8:36 as Scott Kurtz strangles on his own tongue) and being a webcomicking machine.

    Since 14 February 2000, he’s been producing daily comic strips in a continuous (if sometimes divergent) narrative. Heck, people wondered if this Evil, Inc. thing was gonna last when he switched over from the original Greystone Inn — and about half a year ago EI passed GI for longevity. This officially makes Guigar one of webcomics metaphorical Nine Old Men. Did we mention that he’s a handsome dude? Add it all up and we at Fleen must once again conclude that Mrs Guigar is a lucky woman.

  • Long time readers of this page will recall that I stand second to no man in my admiration of my chosen tribe of peers, the noblest of professions, the engineers. Weirdly, given how so much of engineering consists of approximating, simplifying, making it work, and how effective comics are at conveying complex technical information, few engineers have become deeply involved in the cartoon arts.

    One of them, Angela Melick, hit 500 updates of her autobio strip today, and did so with a look straight into a secret at the heart of the engineer: we tend think analytically more than emotionally¹. For her 500 sneak peeks into the world of the engineer and her ongoing efforts to demystify our sometimes poorly-understood culture, we at Fleen declare Melick a credit to all who wear the Iron Ring and offer up a right-hand rule in her general direction. Respect.

  • Details are still slight at this time, but we’re working on it — this afternoon Latin Art-throb Aaron Diaz has moved up from presenting his Grand Unified Theories of Comics via his Tumbler to (shortly) offering them up in public:

    Hey New York kids: I’m going to be teaching a webcomics course at CCNY this June! #professordiaz

    Reached for further information, Diaz was only able to confirm the start date (6 June) and the fact that it’s the first webcomics course offered by The City College of New York (and, I’ll be willing to bet, one of the first courses specifically on webcomics creation anywhere).

    As further information becomes available (particularly, is this class open to anybody that wants to take it, or is it only for CCNY students in a particular program of study?), we’ll be sure to bring it to you. I’m also going to see if I can weasel a sit-in-on-lecture invite from Diaz; for those that don’t know, I spend most of my days teaching and I’m always interested to see how very smart, very skilled people present their lessons, if only so I can steal their instructional techniques let everybody know what a wonderful job Aaron’s doing.

¹ I know, shocking!

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