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Advice Day

Gahhh, busy busy busy. So let me point you at people that have useful advice for you:

In other news:

  • Today is the 750th page of Digger, as we progress into the coda of this most unusual epic. In the face of the rapidly approaching end of the story of one determined wombat, we at Fleen appeal for calm. Yes, the adventures will be finishing, but they will still be there online and in the books and you can read them again whenever you like!
  • Speaking of books, the first year and first story arc of Spacetrawler finished up pretty much concurrently, which means that it’s time to make a book out of them. It? The comics from that year/arc. It’s available now, and even though I’ve been reading the story from the beginning, you’ll have to wait for a review until I’ve got a copy in hand.

I reply to a specific, somewhat minor point in Howard’s post:

Christopher said an awful lot more than I did, which is good. I was pointing out a single disconnect. He wrote an awesome treatise.

[…] of the new Spacetrawler book from Xaviar Xerexes  over at Comixtalk, and Gary Tyrell over at Fleen. Also, Rembrand Le Compte (Beardfluff) mentioned that Spacetrawler’s one of his favorite […]

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