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No Leaving Early On This Friday, Gosh Darn It

So let me just note that Zach Weiner has been mathematically proven to be The Man. In the time since the National Organization for Marriage managed to Not Get The Joke, they have at least learned not to hotlink images, and their misinterpretation of Zach’s cartoon is now being served as a local copy.

Also, I suppose some sort of grudging respect is due to NOM in not killing the post entirely, and for not moderating away comments that both question their interpretation and reference the now-removed Jefferson quote. At least, that’s sort of the state of things as of this writing — the Weiner post is directly accessible from the one that came before it, but not the one that came after it, nor from the tag list or the main page.

Actually, strike that whole thought — NOM have apparently tried to bury the post, and didn’t manage to do so completely. I would describe that as weaselly behavior, but I have a liking for mustelids in general and one in particular so let’s just say that it’s pretty cowardly.

In other news, and apropos of nothing, this is the most horrifying photo I have ever seen.

Who says weiners aren’t good for people? Zach is a good man.

And Burt Reynolds’ mustache is like a hydra head – you cut it off and two more sprout in its place.

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