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“Potential For The Most Significant Ice Storm Since 1994 For Central New Jersey”

I like my brother-in-law the meteorologist a lot, but when his forecast emails contain lines like that one, I kind of wish for sweet, sweet ignorance. Given the possibility of power outages due to icing of power lines starting this time tomorrow, and going for as much as 48 hours past that, please forgive me in advance if I miss an update or six in that time frame. In the meantime, webcomics.

  • Dammit, Andy, I’m not sure what’s worse — the fact that you have Series 2 Android figures on the way to siphon off my money:

    Will get a little Android S2 preview up tomorrow, too much other stuff to do tonight!

    … or the fact that you’re making me wait to see what the money-sink looks like. I don’t want to give into Completist Mania, and I don’t want to not see the toys that I’m trying to resist purchasing. No part of that last sentence made any sense.

  • Show news: Big announcement pending from TCAF, very hush-hush for the moment, but showrunner Christopher Butcher doesn’t mess around. If he says it’s exciting, it’s exciting. Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s announcement. And following up on the earlier announcement that Intervention attendee registration is open, today comes the news that Artists Alley/vendor applications are now available.
  • Until the news of the aforementioned Killer Ice Storm reached me, this was going to be the header image for today’s posting, if for no other reason that to be able to use the phrase sac weevils. Though Digger may be close to finishing for good, as long as Ursula Vernon cranks out art from the depths of her subconscious, I’ll remain a happy guy.
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