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Snow Days Were A Lot More Fun When I Was A Kid

For the record, my driveway is 32 meters long, 3.7 meters wide, and was covered to an average depth of 40 centimeters of moderately wet, drift-packed snow; that’s a total of 47.36 cubic meters, or 47,360 liters. Snow samples averaged 200 grams per liter, or about one fifth the 1 kilogram/liter density of water. The approximately 9500 kg of snow that is now no longer in my driveway is why this post is both late and minimal. The only upside of this, the seventh snowfall of the season (and I should note that the average snowfall per year round these parts is about 70 cm, which was just about equaled on the first snowfall of the season), was watching my greyhound trying to walk through the yard, which was more than chest-high on her. That was hilarious.

So I want to thank my occasional nemesis Gordon McAlpin for sending me a quick note about a new interview he’s done with MTV Geek, ’cause otherwise I’d have no damn idea what was going on today. Side thought: am I the only one that thinks its weird that comics journalism superstar and friend of webcomics Rick Marshall Willenholly isn’t writing for the MTV comics and other nerdery site? I mean, he does great at the MTV comics-meets-movies site, but this seems like a case of not exploiting your assets. Like I said, weird, but as MTV Geek is starting to pay attention to webcomics, no complaints here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take all the Advil.

All the Advil?

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