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Happenings Near The End Of This Month/Beginning Of Next

First up, the joint Dumbrella/TopatoCo meet, greet, kick up your feet extravaganza planned for the end of the month. I believe all the relevant details are on the event poster, designed by KC Green, but one must note a few things:

  1. KC has rendered the webcomickers super adorably (especially the little Chris Hastings, casually scooting over the ice with his hands in his coat pockets, the living embodiment of insouciance), but please note that many of them are larger in real life than shown on the poster
  2. KC has done a magnificent job of expressing exactly how homoerotic the main character from Altered Beast (that would be the shirtless dude on the centipede) is
  3. KC has mixed his metaphors — yes, it’s frozen times in the snow, thus the AT-AT but Jeff Rowland is in the picture and logically Jeff should be represented by Admiral Ackbar and he’s from a whole different movie and GOD, KC what is the deal

For those of you that don’t make it to Webcomics On Ice (and maybe even if you do), there’s an event the following week in New York; it’s got nothing to do with webcomics qua webcomics, but I thought it worth mentioning. The Most Literary Rent Party Ever is being held at PS 122 in the East Village on 6 February to benefit novelist Charles Bock and his wife Diana Colbert with medical expenses related to the recurrence of her leukemia:

Some 18 writers will be on hand, including Susan Cheever, Jonathan Franzen, Richard Price and Mary Gaitskill, and many of them will be auctioning off their services. Amy Hempel will walk your dog, Ms. Maazel explained over the phone. Rick Moody will write a song for you. And Gary Shteyngart will “buy you a hot dog and flatter the pants off you.” The Cleaver Co., a caterer, is providing its services at a discount; P.S. 122 is donating its space; and the Brooklyn Brewery is contributing free beer. John Wesley Harding, among others, will perform, and Ms. Maazel said there might some booths where for, say, a dollar a minute one could obtain literary advice.

Creators of longform story comics, that last item is tailor-made for you, or would be if the event weren’t sold out (there is a waitlist if you want to try). Mostly, I wanted to make sure you knew about TMLRPE because it reminded me of the sense of community that you get when very creative people (who for much of the time work solo) come together to do something good. Hopefully, you’ll find it as inspiring as I did, as we head into a well-deserved weekend. See you all on Monday.

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