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Hey, hey, kids! Let’s talk about the last gasps of culture before we’re all buried under wintry death straight out of Roland Emmerich’s wet dreams.

  • In LA, far from the impending doom, Scott C[ampbell] will have an exhibition show of his Great Showdowns. For those of you that aren’t familiar, the Great Showdowns feature key moments from movies, a single line of dialogue, and the cutest lopsided grins ever recorded on amphibians, inanimate objects, sociopaths, and hulking killing machines. It kicks in on 4 February at Campbell’s usual LA venue, Gallery 1988, and it’s your opportunity to own one of these marvelous treasures.
  • Our friends at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco (also far from the impending no-friction, low-temperature doomathon) will shortly be opening an exhibition (indeed, one might say a definitive retrospective) of the career of a one Mr Berkeley Breathed¹. From the early days of Bloom County to his gorgeous illustrated picture books, Breathed has always been an influence on a generation of [web]cartoonists. Basically, if you’re over 30 and draw a strip, Breathed was one of your inspirations. From Bloom County to Mars: The Imagination of Berkeley Breathed runs from 5 February to 19 June, with the big opening reception on 1 April (details TBA).
  • From an episode of a radio show (that would be the stellar RadioLab) on what happens when we die, containing a short story about one possible afterlife (read by the incomparable Jeffrey Tambor), comics artist Blue Delliquanti took some inspiration. Here, then, is a 24 page adaptation of Metamorphosis, a short story by neuroscientist David Eagleman. As much as I enjoyed Tambor’s sonorous, soulful reading of Metamorphosis, I think that Delliquanti’s comic adaptation is even more affecting.
  • Not a show in the traditional sense, per se, but the members of ACT-I-VATE are putting together a virtual gallery show of webcomics featuring monkeys (okay, “primates” in the general sense, but I knows a monkey when I sees it) from an astonishingly wide range of talent (from veterans to up-and-comers) as a benefit for the Primate Rescue Center in Nicholasville, KY. It’s called Panels for Primates and it’s operating strictly on a donation basis, so if you like what you’re reading, give the PRC a few bucks, hey?

¹ Not a typo, but a tribute to one of my favorite Bloom County throwaway gags.

Thanks for mentioning Panels for Primates, Gary. Much appreciated!

Troy Wilson
Editor, Panels for Primates

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