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Yep, That Sure Is More Snow On The Way

Expecting that 48 hours from now is going to be firmly in the “no fun” category. How about we grab some laughs while we can?

  • Wigu’s back. Gonna be an interesting day, what with the media convinced young Master Tinkle is the son of God and all. Economically, Jeff Rowland has told you everything you need to know about Wigu and his family (involving more than 1000 strips across nine years and three days) in a mere ten panels. Even if you’ve never read Wigu before, you’ve got an operating sense of the crazy distilled down into a single page (arguably, a single panel, that of the MacaTaCaHodo 360), rendering you into a fit state of mind to see what happens next. Strap in, it’s gonna be a bumptacular ride (MWF until Rowland gets the hang of story cartoonin’ again).
  • Via the twitter of a police officer with a woodland hand tool (and hopefully his first book will be back in stock today and I can finally pick it up), news about a new webcomic worth following from the very beginning:

    Fair warning, @tennapel is starting a web comic. First page goes up [today]: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    In this case, @tennapel would be Doug TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood, contributor to Flight 2, and creator of a literal stack of wildly creative comics. The webcomic in question is Ratfist, and we appear (with all of one page to judge from) to have a Batman wannabe that’s about to find his crimefighting and romantic lives collide in spectacular fashion. Don’t wait for a backlog of strips to pile up — get in on this one now.

  • Hey, guess who got a Xeric Grant? Steve LeCouilliard, of Much The Miller’s Son. LeCouilliard’s retelling of the Robin Hood legend (which, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern style, focuses on the POV of a minor character that most people had never heard of) shows you what all the famous types were really like: variously drunk (Friar Tuck), politically naive (Maid Marian), perpetually horn-doggin’ (Robin, natch), murderously larcenous (Will Scarlet), delusional (Alan a’ Dale) or Lenny from Of Mice and Men (Little John).

    Poor Much might be the only sane one among them (at least, he’s got a healthy sense of self-preservation), and if not for that unrequited crush he’s got on Marian he might actually get the hell out of Sherwood and settle down to a nice boring life of not getting the crap kicked out of him or being hunted by the sheriff’s goons. It’s a hoot. And now, book three of Much’s adventures (I was lucky enough to pick up 1 & 2 from LeCouilliard in San Diego this year) will now be underwritten by the award. With luck, Much 3 (tentatively named Nobody’s Vault But Mine) will see print by summer, but if you can’t wait, it starts here, with interspersed pinups, guest strips, and gift art.

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