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Grumble, Grumble, Browser Crash Delayed Posting

Grumble! Fortunately, a series of quick, self-explanatory items today.

  • Following up on yesterday’s posting, Ryan Estrada (dammit, I’m never living that down) has started posting clips from The Alias Men, this one featuring the vocal stylings of Scott Kurtz.
  • From Jess Fink, news of a comics-themed show at the Museum of Sex in New York, including pages from Chester 5000 XYV [NSFW]. The show goes up 13 January at MoSex, 5th & 27th in Manhattan.
  • From Child’s Play, news that the 2010 year-end total hit US$2.3 million (or at least within six grand of 2.3 million; alternately, 99.75% of 2.3 million, which I think allows one to round up and not be accused of exaggeration). For those interested, this brings the lifetime total for Child’s Play north of US$9 million.
  • For those that have insufficient supplies of adorableness in their lives, Becky Dreistadt has a new sketchblog for presenting her warm-up drawings.
  • At long last, Dave Kellett’s sci-fi Saturday strip/Sheldon offshoot, Drive, has its own site. No more skipping through the Sheldon archives a week at a time to catch up on the adventures of Nosh, Steve, and the rest of their motley band of spacefarers.
  • Finally, news that Indigo Kelleigh (you may know him as the showrunner of a little comics-related show that, oh, everybody attends) has collected the first “issue” of Ellie Connelly in electronic form for a piddling ninety-nine cents. With Ellie generating some income, this will hopefully make it worth Kelleigh’s while to toss us more pages, which would be a good thing, as it’s a good story. Like, Tintin levels of good, only with little chance of being appropriated by Spielberg for a really scary-looking film adaptation.

[…] right? Now? Well, I did, and it’s adorable. Also, calling back to Fink’s mention that Chester pages were being included in a MoSex show, a reminder: Hey if you are in NYC this week you can still see art from Chester 5000 at the Museum […]

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