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Happy Festivus, Who’s Got The Pole?

What with this, and other, holidays coming fast and furious over the next week or so, don’t expect updates every day. I’ll probably miss one or two in there, particularly considering the fact that I’ve got about 72 hours of EMS duty between now and next Wednesday, and we might get hit with a major snowstorm smack-dab in the middle of it. Did I mention the part where everybody senior to me is going to be out of town? My first tour as senior officer and we could have an actual Weather Event. By this time next week, I may have significant grievances, so I guess I’ll take a raincheck today.

Anyways, webcomics.

  • When I saw that the lads at Penny Arcade had released their children’s story, The Last Christmas, as an iPad animated storybook benefiting Child’s Play, I got a hankering to re-read that delicious mash-up of Lovecraft and Christmas. Imagine my surprise to discover that the story in question (which I was sure was just a year or two old) was actually released in 2004. But yep, there it is in the archives, and in my copy of The Case of the Mummy’s Gold. Time flies, etc., but if you want to grab a copy of The Last Christmas, it’s free in the iTunes store, and you can drop a few bucks to Child’s Play (which I note is over US$1.8 million for the year, with an excellent chance of cracking The Big Two).
  • Late breaking news: Box Brown’s Everything Dies (about which I really can’t say enough good things) got a last-minute-before-Christmas delivery, meaning that issue #5 is now available for your purchase. To be clear, there is no way you will get this delivered in time for Christmas, but the sooner you order, the sooner you get to read it, and that’s not a bad deal.
  • Speaking of Everything Dies, it made a pretty distinguished list today: Lore Sjöberg’s Best New Webcomics of 2010 That Are Mentioned In This Column over at Wired. Good choices, and I learned about a couple I wasn’t familiar with before. And on the off chance that isn’t enough Lore for you (and honestly, can there ever be enough Lore), check out the Hall of Lores. In the Lore Project Giggle-Inducement Hierarchy I keep in the back of my head, it’s just under Speak With Monsters and slightly above Sean & Wormwood, the Friendly Satanists. For the record, though, the greatest things that Lore’s ever done are the (seasonally-appropriate) Nine Inch Noës and Kitchen Floor, because there is no way that anything is better than a depleted-uranium beholder. No. Way.
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