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Some Tweets Are Happy, Some Aren’t

Is this a first? I think it’s a first. Jennie Breeden‘s fourth collection of The Devil’s Panties (which are always massive volumes, capable of inducing blunt force trauma, jam-packed with comics) hits the shops this week, and it’s also available via alternative channels:

Devil’s Panties (Volume 4) on Iphone, Kindle, Ipad, Android and Blackberry

Some years ago I noted that Ms Breeden managed to release her (at the time monthly comic) regularly & on schedule, where the large comics companies were incapable of getting their top-name marquee books out on time. Is it any wonder that she’s managed to trump them on day & date releases?

  • Speaking of happy tweets, the very sexy Rich Stevens has been dropping some uh-MAY-zing photos via his twitterfeed over the past:

    We’ve been adopting electronic orphans this Christmas.


    I swear, it followed us home.


    just working on my high scores you know how it is

    What he’s doing is becoming a hero to fourteen year old me, as well as ensuring that I move in with him over the summer, not to mention eventually transfer my entire life savings to him, one quarter at a time. As evil plans for world domination go, it’s one of the best ones I’ve ever heard. And that’s before he revealed that my all-time favorite arcade game is on his buy list. It’s a Christmas miracle!

  • It’s been six months since the last one, so why am I not surprised that there’s another comic scraper site that’s popped up — credit Frank Gibson for finding this one. In case you’re wondering why such a thing would prompt, say, Jeph Jacques to exclaim:

    whaaaat no way, i hate those fuckin’ aggregator sites >:(

    … it has to do with a couple of things. For starters, the comic is presented entirely by itself — today’s comic appears without Jeph’s comment below (which is often a place to promote new wares), without site advertising, and without links to Jeph’s store. Thus, Jeph receives nothing from the eyeballs that view his strip at the scraper site (indeed, since a quick peek at the page code shows that the image is being served from Jeph’s site, he’s actually out money every time somebody reads his work from said scraper).

    Ironically enough, it’s got Jeph’s copyright intact at the bottom of the comic. Now I’d hate to be the one to suggest mass action, but if one were to note the owner of the site in question and send a polite note (for reals now — be polite) explaining exactly why he’s on the wrong side of the issue, I’m sure that would be helpful.

    And if it’s not, hey — DCMA takedowns work for anybody, not just big corporations.

  • Saddest tweet of the day — ¡Journalista! honcho and TCJ online editor Dirk Deppey has been dejobbed:

    I’ve been laid off from Fantagraphics. Wednesday will be my last day as The Comics Journal’s newsblogger.

    Deppey is a man that’s got Opinions. I didn’t always agree with him, nor he with me, but he was there in the midst of comics blogdom, gave a lot of attention to the webcomics side of the fence, and clearly put a lot of thought and damn hard work into his writing. I’m going to miss his contributions to the dialogue for as long as it takes him to land his next gig, which will hopefully very soon. Vaya con comics, Dirk.

[…] Fleen reports on an aggregator site scraping the content of a number of popular webcomics, and posting the contents in toto on their web page. This copyright and trademark violation deprives creators of income from their work which is available at their advertiser supported websites for fans to read for free. […]

Oh my damn I had forgotten all about that cabinet. I loved that game as a kid, but until now couldn’t have told you anything about it except that it had aliens and was great. I also have some vague association with it and Star Trek, but that could be baseless. Now I know the name, that’s awesome.

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