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Twenty Hours Of Sleep? Don’t Mind If I Do

Still under the weather but awake for some of today. So here’s some brief items, and I’ll see you for regular updates on Monday.

  • Lot of press this year about comiXology, especially since the iPad made reading comics on-the-go (and on a screen larger than that of an iPhone) so very easy. They’ve spread into direct support for the other major mobile O/S, with a new comiXology app for Android. While I love my Android phone, it’s a very early model, and apparently the app requires a later version of Android than I’ve got, so no luck to me. And in any event, this probably won’t live up to its potential until the inevitable breakout Android-based tablet (to present, none of the models has made a big hit in the marketplace) sometime in the future. In the meantime, if you’ve got Android 2.1 or higher, let us know what you think.
  • Friends of comics The ToonSeum invites friend of comics, webcomic creator, curator of the Cartoon Art Museum, consort of the Radness Queen of the 510 Area Code, and (most relevant at the moment) author of The Looney Tunes Treasury Andrew Farago for an appearance and signing on Boxing Day (that would be 26 December) from noon to 2:00pm. Anybody in Pittsburgh, drop by and say “hi” for me; I’d join you, but I pulled Christmas weekend EMS duty and western Pennsylvania is just a little bit outside of response range for any 911 calls we might get. I’ll have to make do with a lot of pie.
  • Just bout five years ago, an evil genius named Jon Rosenberg enticed me (and a pair of co-conspirators, but I’m the only one without a life, it seems) to make with the opinion-mongering found here so frequently. Although Fleen officially launched on 22 December 2005, a handful of posts had been written over the prior couple of weeks, so today serves as well as any as an “official” anniversary for this bastard child of hype, opinionmongering, and occasionally non-mangled syntax.

    I’ve never adequately “thanked” Jon for getting me started down the path to hell known as blogging, but it appears that the past few years of attempting to kill him with my mind may have finally had an effect — Rosenberg and his lovely wife Amy are expecting twins come June. This may not prove to be his death, but surely the lack of sleep that it causes will push him ever closer to the edge of madness. This is probably a good place to insert maniacal laughter, but I’ve got a sore throat, so click here for a reasonable facsimile.

    In all seriousness, congratulations to Jon and Amy — twins rule (I should know, I married one) and they can only benefit from having one of the most weirdly creative of all the possible dads in the world. Here’s hoping that they get good and stockpiled on sleep and diapers, and maybe this would be a good time for you to purchase some fine merchandise from him, so that his sproglings need not be clothed in discontinued t-shirts and sleep in a bassinet made of unsold books? Do it for the children.

Congratulations on being so easily enticeable and providing us with all the dirt information that we could never dig out on our own (at least, those of us who have a life) for the past 5 years.
And here’s to hoping you don’t live close enough to Jon to be enticed into babysitting.

Jon has carefully moved far enough away from *all* of his friends such that he is never tempted to let any of his children fall into our evil, evil hands.

He knows us too well.

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