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Typed From My Phone

Painstakingly, I might add. As per my Twitterfeed, locked out of the client-provided computer I’m using for this class (it would be entirely too convenient to let me use my laptop, after all), so this will be short and heavy on cut/paste.

Edit to add: Have computer access back now, not retyping this whole damn thing, but will fix typos and add links.

  • Not webcomics, but too bad: Pittsburgh’s ToonSeum is running some classic animated Christmas fare a week from tomorrow. Enjoy A Charlie Brown Christmas (everybody do the repetitive dance!), A Wish For Wings That Work (the definitive performance by Mister The Cat), and The Nightmare Before Christmas (Henry Selick is a genius). Vince Guaraldi’s soundtrack (with accompanying cartoon) starts at 6:30, with Bill and Opus at 7:00pm and Jack Skellington at 7:45pm. Suggested donation: five bucks. The ToonSeum is at 945 Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District.
  • I met Cari Corene at San Diego Comic-Con ’09 when she was Dave Kellett‘s assistant (you could totally tell, because she kept calling him “Mister Kellett”, which is a dangerously large amount of respect to show a cartoonist, lest they get ideas about their station in life). Anywho, Ms Corene did a bang-up job in that year’s sketchbook (theme: beards and moustaches) and she since launched her own webcomics endeavours, DOOR, which is the story of a pug dog and a genie that’s not trapped in the usual bottle or lamp, but ann overhead-tank-pull-chain-type toilet. It’s better than it sounds, with a lot of really neat visuals.

    Chapter 1 made it to a modest print run, and Chapter 2 is up for the same, pending funding. The Kickstarter’s here, and though some people I deeply respect wonder if Kickstarter has outlived its usefulness, for situations like this, I just see it as a pre-order with a bit of structure. Not enough funds raised? You never get charged and don’t have to wait for a refund to get processed. Works for me.

  • I didn’t mention yesterday’s A Girl And Her Fed when it ran, but better late than never. Blazing Saddles reference that manages to avoid the obvious fart joke? Classy. Also building up to something just in time for creator “Otter” to take an end-of-year break. If you aren’t reading AGAHF, get going so you can share in my misery.

AW, you do remember me. I’ve waited this long to ask for a blog entry. I was waiting for an important occasion! (like funding printing) Thank you very much for doing this kind write up!

And as for kickstarter being obsolete – probably … I’m gonna go out on a limb though and say that I think enough people have supported my project who found it through specifically kickstarter that the 10% fee is covered. I feel kickstarter did its part.

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