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This Needs To Be Quick

Must dash very soon, so let me point you towards the pre-order announcement for Order of Tales book 3, The Tower of Smoke. Evan Dahm puts together books that are heavy, substantially so, that provide intense tactile pleasure even as the gorgeous, color-saturated (Rice Boy)/lusciously-detailed B&W (Order of Tales) pages tickle your eyes and brain. They feel good in your hand, they capture the imagination, and if you’re a completist, next year is your lucky year — The Tower of Smoke ships in January, with a one-volume edition of Order of Tales due later in 2011 (with a foreword by Jeff Smith).

By my estimate, that’s going to be about twice the size of the Rice Boy collection, although only about 60% the size of the BONE one-volume edition (now in the … I think it’s the 14th or 15th printing?), which remains the greatest bargain in the history of comics. Now, if Dahm can just get the info from Smith’s publisher/wife, Vijaya Iyer, about the bindery she used for the hardcover/leatherbound/gold-edged BONE OVE (she told me that the place she used normally does gift-edition Bibles), that would be one hell of a present-to-myself for Christmas ’11 (or ’12, or ’13…).

Also, since we’re talking about books, big thanks to Dave Kellett, who very kindly sent me a copy of his eighth collection, Delightful Jokes for High Class Folks. True to its title, it started with three strips of Arthur horkin’ his guts up in the throes of food poisoning. Weirdly, these strips are from June of 2010, where the rest of the book appears to start around September of 2009. I can only assume that this was intentional, with Kellett searching out the most classy strips in his not-yet-published archive and leading with them. I thought it was hilarious.

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