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For The Life Of Me, I Can’t Think Of A Theme Today

Springtime is usually Neil Cohn time — you remember him, with the surveys of how people read comics — but this time he’s getting a jump on his latest solicitation of experimental test subjects. Despite the scary way I just worded it, if you participate in Cohn’s latest experiment of visual linguistics, you almost certainly won’t end up a gibbering mockery of nature … after all, there aren’t many mad social scientists. Plus, you might win a Best Buy gift card.

  • Child’s Play update: given the November 30 total of US$752,000, and the amount raised just last night (from the charity dinner, and a check delivered by the Desert Bus people), but not counting any direct donations over the previous week, 2010’s efforts stand north of US$1.14 million. Wowsers.
  • Anniversary times! In the past twenty four hours, we’ve seen both four years of Erfworld (seriously, four years? seems like two, tops) and the 100th page of Spacetrawler. Then again, the first couple of updates were double-sized, so it’s probably more than 100 pages by now, but what the heck — I’m declaring it an official Significant Round Number anyway.

    For those interested in extras and the collegial side of webcomics, the Erfworld page has a nice discussion on lettering and the efforts in redoing work for print, so that you can learn from their experience. And the Spacetrawler page (as well as the previous update) has a list of webcomickers with quality merch available for the holidays, who each have their own lists as well.

    It’s not really in anybody’s direct self-interest to make it easier for potential competitors to produce their wares more easily, or to promote those wares at potentially the expense of your own, which just goes to show you what fundamentally decent people one finds among independent comics creators. Also, were I to point out just one piece of exciting merchandise this season, it would surely be the Sailor Twain prints. Goodness, those are gorgeous.

  • Lots of people putting together year-end lists and summaries; I think that I can safely say that 2010 was the year that substantially all the balls were tripped. Top that, 2011!

I, myself, am not quite sure if today’s Spacetrawler was the 100th or 102nd. It’s been that kind of autumn.

I will be eating cake nonetheless. :)

It would be nicer, though, if those holiday activities and promotions happened before the shipping deadlines for international orders had passed… (yeah, I know that would require them to start before Thanksgiving. So be it.)

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