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If you thought that Ryan Estrada was going to go heads-down and radio silent during the One Month Animated Feature challenge and we’d see what he had been up to on New Year’s Day, we got a treat for you. No, not you, Christopher Wright who has placed my moustache on notice, this information isn’t for you¹. For everybody else, Estrada has released teaser designs of his major characters and linked them to their voice actors, including some webcomics luminaries. You got yer Kurtz ‘n’ Straub, naturally, but also Steve Wolfhard, animator Barney Wornoff, and nemesis to podcasters/John Allison lackey/semi-pro Stan Lee Channeller Kevin McShane.

And for your listening pleasure, a voice track of Straub and Kurtz that hints at the plot of what may be called The Alias Men. It appears that the aliens want to rob Earth of its most precious resource, scarce throughout the known universe: free WiFi. More, including Estrada’s MacGyvering-up of a lightbox out of string and chewing gum, at the project’s Tumblr or Estrada’s Ell-Jay.

  • Meanwhile, there’s a pretty nifty, not-quite-noirish murder mystery webcomic that wrapped up today — She Died In Terrebonne ran for just about a year, and it featured a beginning, middle, end, and coda in just over fifty pages. If you’ve got a spare hour, read the whole thing through from the beginning, and maybe check out the other webcomics work from writer Kevin Church, of which there are multiple worthy examples, with a variety of talented artists.
  • I have mentioned Skin Horse by Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Wells on this page plenty of times, mostly because it’s awesome. On my more restrained days (such as back in July of 2009) I may describe it as:

    [O]ne of the highlights of my day, because what can possibly be wrong about a webcomic that deals primarily with paranormal-managing government bureaucrats who subtly recall the less-well-known Oz books and gets regularly cranked up to about 14 on the Insane-o-Meter? Unstoppable zombies, talking dogs, killer robots, crystalline entities, baby cobras that only want hugs, opera-loving silverfish, a likely-undiagnosed-Asperger’s brain transplanted into a military airframe, and a transvestite psychologist who bags all the babes?

    And it’s drawn by Shaenon Garrity, the one person able to compete with Ryan North for the title of Nexus of All Webcomics Realities?

    But not enough of you are reading it. I say this not because I have any inside information on what Skin Horse’s readership numbers are like, but merely because not every person on the planet is revelling in the fun. For a limited time, you may now get in on said fun for a super-bargain discount — for December only, get both Skin Horse books (two full years of strips) for twenty dollars American cash money (plus shipping and handling), representing a nearly 30% discount. If nothing else entices you, it is the one webcomic I know of that has ever paid proper respect to New Jersey’s contribution to traffic engineering: the dedicated left-turn lane/jughandle. Thank you Mr Wells and Ms Garrity, and you’re welcome, rest of the world.

¹ Oh boy, is this my new Internet Feud? My previous nemesis, The Midnight Cartooner over at Digital Strips, has been really quiet about our internet grudgery for a while now.

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