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Tuesday Dawned Cold And Grey

It’s not much better out now. Maybe the next day or so will be better?

  • You know what’s for wimps, apparently? NaNoWriMo. You know what the true creative make-or-break project is? OnMoAnFe. That would be Ryan Estrada‘s effort in the rain forest of Central America for the month of December — the One Month Animated Feature:

    It’s always been my dream to make an animated feature, but I’ve never been able to get the time and resources I need. Well, I’m sick of waiting. This December, I’m sitting down at my desk in the Costa Rican jungle to work. And on January 1st, I’m releasing the finished movie online, free to all.

    For anybody else, I’d say it was probably suicidal; for Estrada (veteran of the 168 hour comic), I’d call it merely semi-insane, but unlikely to produce permanent mental harm. Everybody send Estrada some good vibes tomorrow as he begins his descent into Ultimate Crunch Time.

  • Speaking of tomorrow, congrats to Christian Fundin and Pontus Madsen, who will celebrate ten years of deceptively-cute-yet-foul-intentioned (in the best way possible) updates over at Little Gamers.
  • Still speaking of tomorrow, I get to flip over the card in my 2010 Wondermark calendar from November to December; I wonder what ribaldry and/or misery will await me in all of its artisanal screen-printed glory? Also, to ensure that another 12 months of inappropriate thoughts continue, I ordered my calendar cards for 2011 today, and urge you to do likewise, as they exist in an extremely limited edition of under 200.

    Watching screenprinting, letterpressing, typebothering and old-style ink-manipulations of every kind is utterly fascinating to me (and also to a statistically unusually large number of the readers of this page — as compared to the general population), so while the rest of you go enjoy a refreshing beverage or snack, we will be enjoying a short video documentary on the creation of the 2008 edition.

  • Hey, you’re reading Zahra’s Paradise, right? The first webcomic launched under the imprimatur of the creative wünderkinden over at :01 Books about life in modern Iran, and the search for a disappeared protestor is just now starting a storyline on Iran’s secret prisons:

    Kahrizak is the incarceration center where so many protestors disappeared to. It was eventually closed when it became public
    knowledge, and an embarrassment for the regime.

    In this chapter, the blogger [and narrator of the story] receives news: one of his friends who was missing, Ali, has been released and has returned home. Everyone rejoices, and they gather to celebrate. But Ali does not want to celebrate; his experiences in prison have been
    traumatic. He does have a message for the blogger, though: his brother, Mehdi, was held with him in Kahrizak, where the government moved
    troublesome people it wanted out of the normal system, inaccessible to any pleas for help.

    The creators of Zahra’s Paradise, Amir and Khalil (anonymous for obvious reasons) have done their homework throughout the story, but given that Kahrizak is based on the accounts of people who have seen the inside of the secret prisons, it’s likely that this chapter will be especially harrowing, and important. If you haven’t been reading, this is the time to jump in.

So I slave through a month of writing — one of the most painful nanowrimo experiences in the eight years I’ve been doing it — and I finally, with tremendous effort, manage to break 50,000 six hours before the deadline. Then I wander over here only to find none other than Gary Tyrrell knocking SAND in my FACE.

Well that just does it. Your mustache is on notice.


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