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Only Thing That Provokes A Response Like A Zappa Reference?

Thomas Pynchon reference. It started when I read David Malki !‘s tweet regarding “recent” events in Achewood

Wow Téodor has been in that van for almost SEVEN MONTHS.

That can’t be right, I thought, but yeah — the current storyline started on May 9th, and Téodor got in the van on May 11th, which puts us just shy of seven months. In that time we’ve had approximately two dozen strips on the topic of High School Horror (excluding things like the odd Fuck You Friday), giving us a new literary parallel for Chris Onstad … he’s now less Faulknerian than Pynchonian.

Then the latest Webcomics Weekly and the lead post at Webcomics Dot Com today both referenced Achewood’s current situation (ironically, Onstad has been asking for donations to cover server bills at the same time that both strips and merchandise have become scarce — cross-referencing earlier Webcomics Weeklies, this would be an inversion of charging for the scarce).

That made me think that it’s been a good long while since I could exchange money for Achewood goods (the second cookbook has shown as out of stock for a solid year now), so it was a particularly telling thing when I hit the unexpected Achewood reference trifecta and happened to notice today that the newest Dark Horse volume will be out in two days.

Which is to say, if you like Achewood, tossing Onstad a few bucks for the latest collection might be the best way to incent him to get us some more strips.

  • Also out in two days time, and without months of wondering: an original graphic novel about Danny Husk by Scott Thompson. Yes, that Danny Husk, and that Scott Thompson. It’s like a beautiful dream.
  • Museum alert! Rene Engström and Rasmus Gran had a showing as part of the Östersund [Sweden] Documentary Festival over the weekend; basically, it’s done now so if you didn’t see it you won’t have the chance now. Also, I love that Rene uses the word vernissage to describe these kinds of showings — she’s the only person I know that’s that classy; everybody else just says preview or opening or the night with the free booze.

    Speaking of which, Hurricane Erika will have such a night in London at the end of December for her first international solo art show. And given that it’s Moen, you know what that means — tentacles ahoy.

  • Final thoughts in a day full of random thoughts, this from Friend o’ Fleen Otter:

    I’m about 85% certain the Rifftrax for Clash of the Titans mentioned Axe Cop. As in “What the hell, there is a guy throwing lightning at scorpions that grew from demon blood while waving around the severed head of a snake woman. Is this an episode of Axe Cop?”

    Anybody that can confirm, please let us know. In the meantime, I’m going to pre-emptively declare that awesome.

You had to taunt me with this, G.

For your amusement, the myspace page for Pynchon’s son’s band at Vassar:

I appreciate the Lebowski reference, especially considering how Lebowski-esque the last Pynchon novel was.

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I can confirm the Rifftrax mention!

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