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Dudes Also Already Know About Moustaches

So, um, I guess Ryan North went to Comics Alliance to announce his new book? That is okay Ryan we are still friends. In fact, the Toronto Man-Mountain and I are friends to the degree that something like two years ago he revealed to me that there is a secret code embedded in the name of this book, one that may not be apparent until two or even three more books come out in THE FUTURE. So if you don’t want to die all befuddled, buy lots of copies of Dinosaur Comics: fig. d Dudes Already Know About Chickens and all future Dinosaur Comics books and then you can figure it out too! It’s not for sale yet, but when it is, it will most likely show up here.

  • Speaking of newly-announced books, Tom Dell’Aringa would like you to know that he also has a second book coming out, Marooned Vol 2: Mars Wars. In fact, pre-orders are now up for grabs, including standard and artist editions, with international customers getting the artist upgrade for free to make up for the fact that shipping is more. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a creator throw that freebie towards international customers previously, but it’s a terrific idea and I wholeheartedly support it. There’s also a stack of bonus comics from ten creators that have contributed to Sunday strips (including such notables as Christopher Baldwin and Ramón Pérez), plus a bunch of book-exclusive stuff adding up to more than 40 pages on top of the more than 120 pages of strips. Check ‘er out.
  • Nathan Sorry, webcomic-presented graphic novel in progress is now also Nathan Sorry, digital-purchasable comic book. Creator Rich Barrett is making what would have been issue #1 (if print issues were still the goal) available via for 99 cents, which he points out is not only about a buck cheaper than most digital comics, it’s literally “the price of a song”. Longform comics like Nathan Sorry are probably far better suited to this niche than gag strips, but as we’re still in the early days of digital issues, we’ll certainly have to see over the coming [insert unit of time here]s.
  • Speaking of digital comics, I was invited to take a new webapp out for a spin, but it’s not playing happily with my browser (possibly a result of my halfway-paranoid settings regarding Javascript and other executable content on pages), so there you go. You, however, might want to take Caption Mash for a spin, as it promises to “add captions/bubbles to any image without doing any image manipulation.” Like I said, I haven’t played with it, but I can see possible uses — unless I miss my guess, this is less “tool for making comics” and more “potentially a tool for building community, as you let your audience do their own take on your comics”. Maybe? Demo here if you want to play.

Thanks for the plug, Gary. One quick clarification – Ramón’s submission was an illustration only, not a comic. :)

Hah! I’D say telling you two years ago counts as giving you the scoop by several years, my mustache bro!

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