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The Triumph Of Biology Over The Internet

Several things happening in and around webcomickers today, all with some bearing on the gooey, sticky bits that we find inside ourselves. Let’s take a look (metaphorically).

  • Best wishes going out to Randall Munroe, who may be updating xkcd a bit sporadically for the next few months (although he promises us updates of some kind) due to a serious illness in his family. This is a horrible situation to be in, with alternating desires to help and feelings that you aren’t/can’t possibly do enough. I’m going to reference this page’s posting of 26 April 2009 where I told y’all that my brother and sister were in a serious motor vehicle accident and that I would be updating sporadically; more specifically, I’m going to slightly paraphrase Scott McCloud‘s comment on that posting:

    For Heaven’s sake, take off as much time as you need, [Randall]. We’ll be here whenever you get back.

    As Munroe notes, any suggestions of simple, distracting online games may be sent to sick, which is an email account at xkcd in the dot-com TLD.

  • On a happier note, the Abominable Karl Kerschl had some good news to share:

    I’m sitting with @amybcoops in the ultrasound room, looking at our unborn child on the screen. Incredible. PS- I’m having a baby.

    Did I say good news? I meant the BEST news. On a Kerschl-related note, his print collaboration with Cameron Stewart, Assassin’s Creed:The Fall #1, is really, really good. I have no familiarity with the source videogame, but found it gorgeous to look at, and it hints nicely at mystical revisions of what we know as Russian history (others have had their takes on this sort of thing, but AC is a brisk and non-dragging story). On a down note, I should be raving about Stewart’s art on the recently-released Batman & Robin #16, but Genius Guy here bought #15 instead. Dammit. Next week, Cameron, I promise.

  • Hope. It springs deep in the heart (or possibly liver) of every creator; hope that you’ll perfect your art, hope that you’ll be recognized when you share it, hope that you’ll make it big. Hope is also the name of the very smart and talented lady who reminded us this morning about how you have to temper your hope:

    If you’re a creator, YOU are responsible for not letting yourself get screwed. Every deal, every contract is a gamble, but don’t be dumb.

    … which was in reference to a truly disturbing piece on James Frey and the book contracts he’s offering. Creators, follow the link over to New York magazine and learn what a screw-job looks like so you can run the other way when offered the same.

  • Wow, that motorcyle is so beautiful, it looks like it could be alive: Dr McNinja‘s forthcoming fourth book’s cover, by Chris Hastings and Carly Monardo. If the pure, vibrant life coming off that illustration isn’t enough to satisfy today’s theme, how about this, from Ms Monardo? Bam! Biological!

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