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Who’s Ready For NEWW 3?

Few final thoughts on this year’s iteration before we wrap up the coverage.

  • Funniest and most heartwarming thing: during the annual NEWW Awards ceremony (which wrapped up the weekend), showrunner Meredith Gran announced that the fine folks at Squishables had provided a number of their enormous stuffed animals as giveaways, but wasn’t certain how to determine recipients. A suggestion from the crowd resulted in a half-dozen arm-wrestling matches for honor and prizes (a distant view of which can be seen in the bottom row of photos, immediately to the left of the bemused Jeff Rowland). During the goodbyes, many of the champion arm-wrestlers were seen to be giving their prizes to other attendees who had kids. Awwww! Also, do not ever challenge Abby Lehrke to arm-wrestle, as she will school you like Stallone.
  • Documentary evidence of the weekend continues to issue forth, of the illustrative and photographic varieties.
  • Best webcomic recommendation coming out of NEWW, via Spike: Ectopiary. Dang, this thing is pretty.
  • Not NEWW: via webcomics überfan (seriously, his reading list puts mine to shame by an order of magnitude) Michael Kinyon comes a pointer to a series of strips building up to today’s Remembrance/Veteran’s Day: Crowbar Benson depicting actual letters home from The Great War, letters of some impact.

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Michael Kinyon and Nina Lords, Paul Westover. Paul Westover said: Great strips too, Sandy! Thanks for sharing. RT @mkinyon: .@CrowbarBenson Sandy, you got Fleened: […]

Hey, thanks both to you and Michael Kinyon for the mention, it’s much appreciated!

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