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Also created for NEWW2VIP attendees: a custom sketchbook, with design work by Yuko Ota of Johnny Wander.

  • It might seem like last week’s news, but there’s more Machine of Death happenings, as the free, downloadable PDF (including illustrations!) makes it way into existence, and the first audio recording of a MoD story hits the new MoD podcast page. That would be NOT WAVING BUT DROWNING, written and read by Erin McKean, available for streaming or download, as well as subscribing via iTunes.
  • In case you missed it, MoCCA Festival 2011 tables are now available. As in past years, there’s a sliding scale on table fees, depending on whether you’re a member or not, a student or not, getting a full table or not, and get your application in by 31 December or not:

    MoCCA Member Full Table: $360
    General Full Table: $399
    MoCCA Member 1/2 Table: $210
    General 1/2 Table: $250
    Student Full Table: $295
    Student 1/2 Table: $177

    Students must submit ID with the application, and prices go up 1 January. Application forms [PDF] accepted by mail, email (, in person, and for those of you that still have one, by fax (212-254-3590).

  • So for a number of years, there were the Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards, which have gone away; things like this often live or die by the efforts of a small group (sometimes as few as one or two) of people. Popping up to fill the void last year was a new slate of awards by The Webcomic List, to recognise the best that online comics have to offer and nominations are open to everyone involved in the creation, promotion or distribution of comics. Big difference between the WCCAs and the WCLAs is that the latter have a juried component, rather than purely open voting.

    Time will tell if this leads to viable, credible awards over the long term, but some of the names involved in this year’s organization and judging process would tend to give one hope. If nothing else, we won’t be waiting until summer 2011 to find out about good work from calendar year 2010. Anyway, nominations open on 8 November and run for six weeks, with the awards being announced on 31 January. Rules can be found here, and the categories covered in the awards are:

    • Best Comic
    • Best New Comic — for webcomics launched on or after the first of November 2009
    • Best Colour Art
    • Best Black and White Art
    • Best Non-traditional Art — covering all artistic techniques other than conventional drawn images, such as photography, pixel art and 3D art
    • Best Writing
    • Best Character
    • Best Gag-a-day Comic
    • Best Longform Comic

    Nominations will run from the 8th of November until the 20th of December after which the comics with the highest nominations will be handed to a panel of judges who will pick the winners in each category to be announced in an online illustrated ceremony on the 31st of January next year.

Only the fact that is this a thousand or so miles away keeps me from coming.

Sadly, that’s a pretty good reason.

I wish a thousand miles did not separate me from this event! :(

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