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Also, Iron Helps Us Play

From Steve Lieber, re: Underground getting scanned at 4chan:

Pictures help us learn.

Those Etsy sales mentioned in Lieber’s graphic? They’re fulfilled by Hurricane Erika, who is even now working her fingers to the bone to get you your orders. If you ask extra nicely, maybe she’ll give your copy a hug!

  • Missed it, tipped off by Lesley Davidson: Webcomic Alliance member/1977 The Comic creator Byron Wilkins regularly contributes to the Two Guys Talking Webcomics podcast (also a Webcomics Alliance member site), which is part of Kurt Sasso’s TGT Media. Together, they’re spearheading a reasonably unique project — Webcomics: What’s Cooking?

    … is [a] cookbook that will feature dozens and dozens of recipes from popular webcomic creators showcasing a variety of recipes from Breakfast to Dinner and a few things in between!

    The cookbook will feature a full page, custom created comic from each participating artist along side a favorite dish or beverage. From Alien Cupcakes to Alamo Queso to Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza, you are sure to find a dish that will satisfy your hunger. The concept behind the cookbook is “Feed Your Family, Feed the World”. You purchase the cookbook and receive all these wonderful recipes to create for your family or friends and the proceeds from the project go to Canadian and American National Food Banks to help feed those in need.

    Orders available starting 30 October at the TGT Media site, with delivery in time for the (US) Thanksgiving season; while you’re waiting for next Saturday to come around, feel free to peruse the list of contributing webcomickers.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the great write up. I really appreciate you taking the time to look and link to the site.


Kurt Sasso

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