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Know what’s a good age? Twelve. Kids have a bit of rationality and ability to hold a conversation, and haven’t quite hit the full depths of their teen (or ‘snotty’) years. It’s possible that twelve is the last time you’ll be able to tolerate a kid for a half-decade or more. Also? Krishna Sadasivam’s PC Weenies have been around in one form or another for twelve years now. That’s like 328 in internet years.

  • Krishna, unfortunately, won’t be able to make it to New England Webcomics Weekend 2 (Electric Boogaloo) in a couple of weeks (having previously committed to Up!Fair the following week), but if you’re going to be at NEWW2 (EB), your life just got a little easier:

    Thanks to you folks buying tickets, we’ve found a small budget to run a hotel shuttle to Eastworks from the Clarion Hotel in Northampton. You should please use the shuttle if you can rather than drive over to help cut down on traffic and parking at the show.

    Rather than waste money on a real driver, you’re getting a cartoonist. R Stevens of Diesel Sweeties is a local and has volunteered to ride the bus. The “R” stands for “Richard” and you can look for this jacket:

    The NEWW Shuttlecraft will run from approximately 9:30AM-12:00 noon both Saturday and Sunday of the show.

    There will also be a return shuttle directly after the show. We’ll work those hours out at the event in case things run late.

    I can vouch for Mr Stevens; aside from being the sexiest man in webcomics (narrowly edging out The Toronto Man-Mountain and El Beardo), I’ve ridden in vehicles piloted by him, and he’s a safe and courteous driver. All aboard the sexy bus.

  • Word comes via Twitter that Jeph Jacques has made a couple zillion readers (including, perhaps the odd college-age cute girl) very happy, with his announcement of A Very Special Book:


    This would be the book covering the early days of QC (with a fair amount of re-drawery), which means that volumes 2 through whatever still have a good six years of strips to catch up on, so plenty of pages still to go, y’all. TopatoCo haven’t posted the info yet (as of this writing), but when they do, odds are good it’ll be here.

  • Update to the somewhat recent Machine of Death update: the book is now available via Amazon (and in future, other outlets), but the compilers request that you not buy it until Tuesday, October 26th. Let’s let Mr Malki ! do the explaining:
    Here is the significance of October 26 specifically:

    It only takes a few hundred sales in a short time to become a Number One bestseller on

    So even though the book is available for purchase now, we want to concentrate all the attention onto October 26. Blog about it, tweet about it, invite your friends to the Facebook event — just spread the word that October 26 is the day to buy Machine of Death on Amazon.

    The simple truth is that we probably can’t compete on the shelves at Barnes & Noble alongside every other book in the world. The agents and the publishers are right; it might not work for a mass market. That’s okay. We don’t need to sell it to everyone. We don’t need to sell 100,000 copies; we don’t have the rent on a New York office to pay for.

    We only need to sell it to you.

    On October 26, we want to send a message that a little project dragged kicking and screaming from “crazy idea” past “it’ll never work” all the way to “By God, they actually did it” can make a big splash. We’re internet people; you are too. We want to prove to all the people who said “this will never sell” that internet people make things happen. [emphasis original]

    Hell, I’ve waiting four years, I can wait another five days to place the order. See you all at Amazon on Tuesday.

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