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So here’s the deal — somebody out there needs to contract a terminal disease, and then on Tuesdays they hang out with me, I learn all kinds of life lessons, and then when they die, I write a bestselling book that Oprah loves and get rich. While waiting to be contacted by volunteers, I have some few things to commend to your attention.

  • Everybody saw the new episode of Adventure Time ‘tother night, with the visual reference to Kate Beaton‘s funniest creation, the fat pony? If not, the fine folks at The AV Club have got a recap for you.
  • New resource site for webcomics creators: Webcomic Alliance blurs the line between “site providing information and help to creators” (as in Webcomics Dot Com or Webcomics Community) and “collective of creators with common interests”. Some interesting things to be found at WA, which were enough to overcome my innate aversion to talking about anything where the press release is PDF and thus not easily copy/paste quote-mineable. Remember, kids: [hack webcomics pseduo-] journalists are a lazy people, and you want to make it as easy as possible for them to pimp your project. Also, PDFs are the Devil’s handiwork.
  • From reader Simon Cadaver:

    Was just wondering if there’s been many webcomics that have been turned into video games? I noticed that the Blade Kitten webcomic has been turned into a video game that came out a week or two ago on Xbox, PS3 etc.

    I guess Penny Arcade hold the honor of being the first … but it’s still a great trend I’d love to see more of! Axecop videogame would be amazing if the Blade Kitten team did it. CHOP

    Slightly tortured syntax aside, Simon’s got a point; I can’t think of too many fans of Los Bros. Nicolle that wouldn’t find it entirely worthwhile to chop their way through crime via the home console. Heck, making unicorn horns powerups and try-outs the game tutorial sounds like a winner.

  • Not webcomics, but too damn bad: The ToonSeum in Pittsburgh will be running an exhibit of the art of Carroll Spinney from 6 November to 30 January. If that name sounds familiar but you just can’t quite place it, it’s because Mr Spinney owns your childhood memories, being the performer of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. Admit it — the thought of meeting him puts a smile of wonder on your face. Spinney will be at the ToonSeum on the evening of 6 November in conjunction with the annual Ka-Blam! The Return of Saturday Mornings fundraiser.
  • The new (and very pretty) rendition of the Schlock Mercenary site is up, minus one formerly-key feature:

    Of the valid complaints about the new site, the one that affected the most people was the sudden absence of the linked list of comics.

    If you’re looking for comics recommendations, if you’re passionate about sequential art and want to get the latest news and views on the matter, nobody is better qualified than Gary “three Rs, two Ls” Tyrrell over at Fleen. And he’s got a long, long list of comics in the sidebar, every one of which has strong points that recommend it to the discerning reader.

    Aw, thanks, Howard. I’ll do my best to treat your readers correctly. What’s that? There’s more?

    (Okay, he’s missing Atland, which is still one of my favorites, but other than that he’s spot on. Unless he’s missed another of my current favorites, in which case he sucks rocks.)

    Rocks? Rocks, Howard? That’s it, we’re not evil twins anymore.¹

¹ Oh, who am I kidding? Like I could remain angry with you. We’re totally still evil twins.

Thanks Fleen for the plug for the Webcomic Alliance.
But I must say I was surprise by your comments on the PDF file, especially that we made it so you can copy/paste from it.

Then I realized that if you open it from Gmail instead of downloading it, it doesn’t work. Google Docs has the nasty feature of using it’s own engine for PDF files and not the Acrobat Reader plugin. So, it’s not the PDF to blame here, it’s Google Docs :P

Google Docs may be to blame for the PDF not being copy/paste-able, but you still must shoulder responsibility for putting your important document in a format people hate to try to copy and paste from.

Wait… is that what your smiley means?

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