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“Storm’s A-Comin'” “Ayup”

I hope I get out of here before it gets ugly. I mean, they’re not entirely cleaned up from the last big storm yet. Let’s make this quick.

  • If you only follow Kate Beaton’s website (and honestly, who here doesn’t?) and not her Twitter (and if you aren’t, you totally should be), you might have missed this: she hung out with a couple of the old cartoonist guys from The New Yorker and did the comics to prove it. For reference, the frog cartoon referenced in Beaton’s story is this one, and it’s by the legendary Sam Gross, so that’s who’s telling the story. Wowsers. There were also ruder stories related about what old-school comickers get up to, which kind of outdoes anything I’ve seen from the younger generation. Younger generation of cartoonists, time to up your game.
  • Long time readers of this page know that I loves me some Digger, but I haven’t mentioned happenings in the strip for a while now (April of last year, near as I can tell), and since we’re barreling towards the end of the story, I might not have too many more opportunities to do so. So if you aren’t reading Digger, a) what the hell is wrong with you and b) go catch up on the 873 strips that precede today’s update so that you can properly appreciate the Moment of Awesome.
  • Finally, a note on miracles, which are like tacos.
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