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Everybody’s On Planes Today

I saw somebody the other day refer to NYCC as “San Diego East”, and it’s hard to dispute that characterization. We’re what? Five years into this show, and it’s already assumed the slot of dominant contender to SDCC. And much like the day or two running up to San Diego’s preview night, ain’t nothing going on today as everybody makes their way to, through, and from airports.

In that vein, a quick followup to last night’s news re: the Kurtz/Rall Debate. With Ted Rall no longer on the dias, it’s not going to be a web/print which is the one true religion colloquium; but with the addition of John “Johnny Storm” Roberts, CTO & co-founder of ComiXology, the discussion will continue, now on the topic of digital and print — murder or mercy killing?

I paraphrase perhaps slightly.

Also, if his name actually was Johnny Storm and he’s in comics? That would be awesome. Also awesome — I can’t help but feel that this lineup is less likely to produce a knock-down drag-out verbal bloodbath (amusing though that would have been), and produce a useful discussion. I’ll be paying very close attention to this one.

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