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Following up on the list of webcomics types at NYCC from a few days ago, some additional creators for your consideration; in some cases, they aren’t listed under their own names, in others they aren’t tabling but will be at the show.

In other news:

  • Over at Kickstarter, a project that’s got an interesting intersection with webcomics: Matthew Duhan of Gozer Games are following up their card game Zombie Ninja Pirates with a sequel/extension called Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and Fairies. The three of the four key “characters” in the game deck will be drawn by John Kovalic (the Vampire), Randy Milholland (the Werewolf), and Phil Foglio (the Witch); only the fact that Fairie card artist Terry Moore doesn’t do webcomics prevents this from being a clean sweep but hey — Moore’s work is predominantly creator-owned and could have been a longform webcomic, and it just damn beautiful to look at, so that’s all right.

    Anyhoo. You know the deal with Kickstarter pitches by now, and this one looks to be a pretty good bargain at the $20 pledge point — a copy of the finished game, US shipping included, signed by the creator and primary artist (Neko Pilarcik, who will do the remaining 100+ cards in the deck). Given that the game will likely be priced in the $18 – $22 range (plus shipping), that’s under cost. People that like fun things are urged to check out the project.

  • Long time readers may recall that I once drew a compare-and-contrast of the stringency in Wikipedia notability requirements for web content (including webcomics) and porn stars. Since it appears that The Most Wonderful Encyclopedia In The Universe cares more about naked people gettin’ it on for your entertainment than for even the finest of webcomickry, what to make of the press release I received this morning?

    What happens when you combine two adult film actresses, a rock star and a tense, sexy murder mystery? is about to find out when it launches its newest web comic story, “Church of One.” Issue #1 debuts Wednesday, October 6, 2010 and new pages will be updated daily.

    Dark Brain have been throwing around a lot of Project Wonderful ads in the past couple of weeks, most of them promoting comics dealing with the theme of tits, with a subtext of OMG you can totally see her tits. I’d love to tell you more about Church of One (starring notable porn actresses Tabitha Stevens and Raylene, and musician Tony Campos), but the Dark Brain site put up a notice when I followed their link: – Web Comics with Balls.

    This site requires the following to function properly:

    • Cookies enabled
    • JavaScript enabled
    • Adobe Flash version 10 (or better) installed

    For a site not proved to be safe that advertises itself on the back (ha, ha) of porn stars? Yeah, no. So if anybody still cares about Wikinclusion of webcomics, there’s your in. Since notable naked ladies are involved, webcomics are now officially significant. Yay?

Thank god you made that list… I was really hoping I wasn’t missing out on any webcomics artists that were going to the con!

Everyone needs to stop complaining about webcomics not being including in Wikipedia, and of course porn is including… why do you think the net was born?

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