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Now With Extra Aaack

It appears that Cathy Guisewite’s eponymous newspaper strip wrapped yesterday, which wouldn’t merit a mention here except for something that happened in the country immediately north — Canada’s largest-circulation newspaper went looking for interpretations of Cathy‘s wrap, and they went to webcomickers.

Angela Melick, Ryan Pequin, Kate Beaton, and Mike Winters offered up their visions of how the strip’s end might have looked, while mercifully offering an APPR (aaacks-per-panel ratio) of 0.61538, a value so low that scientists are still figuring it out.

NYCC exhibitors with a webcomics bent seem to be centered roughly in the 2200 – 2500 aisle region, with some offshoots into the small press area (300 – 500 or so) and Artist Alley. Speaking of Artist Alley, the listings are both brilliant and a pain — brilliant because there’s a gallery view that shows samples of the artwork in case you don’t remember a creators name, a pain because not every artist is represented in the gallery, and even in the comprehensive list there’s no table numbers (yet). On the other hand, wandering the AA aisles is a good way to find new creators you didn’t know about previously, so call it a wash.

On the main floor:

Artist Alley:

As usual, I probably missed a bunch (for instance, the SMBC Theater will have a session on Saturday, but I couldn’t find a booth listing), and anybody that you suspect will be at the show but isn’t listed here, check the Dumbrella booth (where KC Green and Becky & Frank, among others, will be found).

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