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Paging Admiral Ackbar

Given the topics and demeanor of previous updates at Jon Rosenberg‘s Scenes From a Multiverse, I can’t help but think that today’s update is meant to lull us into some kind of complacency. Is this a trap? I think it might be a trap. Everybody go check it out and tell me if it’s a trap.¹

  • Brad Guigar is at it again — members of Webcomics Dot Com now get 15% off of all orders from Blue Line Pro‘s website. Reached for comment, Guigar related how Blue Line Pro contacted him with an offer to provide swag for attendees of the NYCC Webcomics Bootcamp, and he spun that into an ongoing sponsorship. With three months still to go to the new WDC’s 1 year anniversary, can Guigar make it an even 10 partnership discounts by then? Also, bootcamp attendees, be sure to tell us about what’s in those swag bags.
  • Alexander Danner went to last weekend’s inaugural Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo in Boston, and would like you to know how it went. Spoiler alert: it went pretty good! With another year or two under its belt, MICE may become the third jewel in the East Coast Indy Comics show Triple Crown (with MoCCA and SPX).
  • Digital distribution and comics — latest musings on What The Future Portends (with a nice bit about how digital + indy/freely-distributed comics might contrast with digital + big-ass publishers) in two parts, courtesy of Tom K Mason and friends (who, by Mason’s own assessment, get “a little blowhardy”, but still some good ideas in there).

¹ As of this writing it’s still bunnies, but I remain unconvinced. Check again.

The Blueline swag for the bootcamp was a 12 pack of comic strip art boards. Pretty cool surprise!

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